[INTRODUCTION] Additional Councils members

Introduction of Additional Council Members

We are delighted to inform the whole ecosysyem that we have decided to add two new council members for the following reasons

  1. Reggaedao is expanding and we have many activities that we would love to introduce to the DAO, which will keep the members busy and focused on marketing the Dao to the outside world

  2. We decided to involve some influential personnel in our immediate environments so they can also contribute to yje growth and expansion of the ecosystem.

New Council Members

    He is an Indonesian and following his compatriot’s success with BeatDao, we decided to employ him in reggaedao, as he is a reggae producer.
    It was a good move by Jahzone and Big M to make him a council member and he will be tasked with carrying out one of the new activities that will be carried out in Reggaedao

  2. Sk The Alternator
    He is Emmanuel aka skthealternator.
    A music producer and mixing engineer from Lagos, Nigeria. I’m also a student of the university of Benin, Nigeria, he is also a council member at BeatDAO.
    He is influential within the ecosystem and his profile and committment level to the growth of the ecosystem are keys to his appointment as a council member.
    He will also be handling one of the new activities reggeadao will be hosting.

They will resume office by July 2022

Thank you


Happy to be part of the team​:heart:
Let’s build.

Thanks to @Jahzonemusician and @BigM007
Also congratulations @raditechoman


Welwcome Fam we are looking forward to build the Dao to be perfect

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