[Ideation] Social tokens for Politicians: Moving to a more democratic world

Social tokens for politicians: The way to a more democratic world

This idea describes a social token for both state and central level politicians, in order to govern better in coherence with the citizens. Across the globe, in various existing democracies, we rarely see the common man get an opportunity to discuss their concern with their elected representatives.

The social tokens for politicians would give a chance to everyone who is a holder of the token to get an opportunity to interact with the elected representative. Some of the utilities of the tokens could be:

  • Determine the efficacy of the elected representative through voting
  • Booking a 1 on 1 grievance discussion with the elected representative
  • Being able to participate in the overall decision making/policies for their region/community

These social tokens could help distribute much more power to the citizens than they currently have and would create an opportunity to establish transparency and accountability on the actions of the elected representatives.

These social tokens could also be used to create proposals requesting transparency on funds spent on particular operations/missions and a reasonable justification for the same.

Some of these ideas have been constructed keeping in mind the global crisis that we are going through where several elected representatives have disappeared in the time of need and the common man is unable to get any answers from any of them as millions perish in numbers due to mismanagement at multiple levels.

One of the challenges with this: which has to be thought about is the distribution of power. How do we ensure that people with bad intentions do not hold most of the tokens and then use them for the wrong reasons. This is where we would bring in a DAO that would help regulate the number of tokens each person can hold and ensure fair distribution according to DAO rules.

Looking forward to any thoughts or comments from the team on this idea.
Here is our presentation describing the idea a bit more in detail:

Video link: https://youtu.be/G3D6-giZAoU



This idea is quite interesting and I am quite interested in working with this team, reason being we might have the perfect test environment.

I’m a Nigerian, and we practice democracy which in reality has never been power to the people, for the people and by the people due a serious play of corruption.

The political environment at the moment could admit Social tokens for Politicians.

The Federal government of Nigeria through an Executive Oder has given State and Local government autonomy to govern and administer development.

I have a strong tie to the just elected local government chairman of Oshodi.

My point is, this idea is perfect for the Nigerian political environment, and I love the concept of DAO.
Social tokens for politicians.

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Hey JMoss-spec, that’s awesome to hear :). We should definitely collaborate and work together on this. I will be putting together a PPT and a Video for the hackathon purpose over the period of this week and maybe we can brainstorm after this week on how to take this forward in the best way possible.


Hey gyan0890 cool. I’ll look forward to working with you on this. I just followed you on GitHub.
And please do share the ppt and Video with me too, even better before sending in for the hackaton I’ll appreciate that.


This is a really difficult challenge. Money (bribes and lobbying) get the ears politicians.

Before that problem, how will these tokens become valuable? If they are not valuable why would a politician make time for a token holder rather than a FIAT holder?

One thing to consider, as it seems like you’re considering token utility to be used as exchange for social interactions, as well as used for voting - you could consider a two-token system. The easiest analogy in the U.S. is Chuck E. Cheese, where you get 1 token to play the games, and another token/ticket as a reward which you can redeem for prizes. I imagine that other arcades and amusement parks have similar two-token-system-economies.

Hey Jordan, that’s a great question. We thought about this a bit and we are trying to see if we can implement the campaign funding for a party or an independent politician through social tokens. It would also offer transparency in terms of where the campaign funding is coming from.
We added this to our PPT too.

Hi! I found your proposal very interesting. I’m also exploring social tokens but for civil action groups. My approach is bottom-up, giving power back to people. Politicians could participate in our community just as any other citizen, with no privileges.
Here is my proposal if you want to check it. Maybe we can join forces!

Hey Carlos! I went through your proposal and I think we are definitely thinking on the same lines. I would love to connect with you on Discord(my handle is @Gyan0890#9895) and chat about this :slight_smile:


Hi @gyan0890

Hope you are doing well

I have a BA in International Affairs and a lot of experience in politics. I’m very interested in what you are proposing, do you have any update or roadmap applied?

Luis Aponte :goat: :rocket: