[Ideation] RUST Tokens to turn digital NFT into Wearable Asset

Project Title: RUST tokens to turn digital NFT’s into wearable asset

Purpose: To give a platform to the Indian artisan’s artwork and designs to market their work globally as NFT’s and turn it into a physical wearable commodity.

Project DAO- Social tokens

Project Members - Srilakshmi T.C (srilakshmi_96.near)
Nivedita Vivek (nidhi.near)

Project summary:
Create a marketplace for traditional Indian artisans and designers to display their artwork and designs as NFT’s. This will not only promote the Indian culture all over the world but will also provide a livelihood to these poor artisans whose value is slowly vanishing due to the westernization of the world.

These artisans generally adopt ancient traditional methods to bring their artwork and designs to life, hence they are more natural and sustainable in nature. Some traditional artwork from rural India includes Kasuti work, Aari Work, Warli art, etc.

Every artist and artisan group will be assigned their own RUST tokens, which the buyers will be able to redeem when converting their work to a wearable asset.

The idea is to provide customers owning the NFT the opportunity to customize the design and placement of the artwork in the wearable commodity desired.

Hence, the NFT will not just be a digital asset but the person owning it will have the exclusive rights to bring it into life, through the wearable product they want.

For example – a Kasuti artwork designed by artisans is displayed as an NFT, the person owning the NFT can contact the artisan or in charge to get that converted into a T-shirt or have it embroidered on their pants or shirt pockets, etc.

They will have the sole rights to the designs unless the NFT is transferred to someone else.

Each of the transactions will be done through the NEAR wallet, which will not only allow an easy transaction process but also will create global awareness about NEAR.

The idea is to show the world the rich culture of India through these artworks and create more demand for these designs to improve the livelihood of these artisans.

Idea Execution stages -

  • Create a marketplace for this artwork and designs.
  • Work with artisans to get them onboard onto the marketplace.
  • Help them in displaying their artwork as NFT’s
  • Facilitate the transaction between the artisans and the buyers.
  • Being from a fashion and art background ourselves, suggest ideas in order to execute the design on the product of buyer’s choice.
  • Give due diligence to the artisans and send the wearable to the buyer.

I am curious as to why did you choose the term RUST? Does it signify anything :slight_smile: ?


RUST signifies old and preserved. Relates to the rustic feeling one gets from preserved artwork


Was wondering the same thing - thanks for explaining!

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Very cool idea - looking forward to seeing you build it out more. If you want, for your presentation slides, you can use this format as a guide to help organize your thoughts: The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch - Guy Kawasaki


Hey, envi. Thanks a lot. Will make sure to go over this.
Appreciate your support :slight_smile: