[Ideation] Karma Credits DApp

Would love help with a “Tinder for Good Deeds” app that would match people wanting to do good deeds with people that have earned Karma Credits by doing good.

Karma Credits is a community of people earning currency (ERC-20 token Karma Points KRPT) by doing kind things for each of their. A currency backed by the goodness of humanity, where no good deed goes unrewarded.

In the past our community has:

  • Had the first business accept Karma Credits when a necklace and earrings were sold for 70 Karma Credits.
  • Got recognition from UT representative after offering 30,000 Karma Credits to volunteers for doing the incredibly kind thing of helping to get $30k of PPEs to U of Hospital.
  • Sent out 201 Karma Credits for donations to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!! Any community members, or anyone can earn 1 Karma Credit per $USD donated to the fundraiser.
  • Sent out 5 Karma Credits per $5 donated to help to feedAfrican villages experiencing Covid-19 Food crisis
  • Paid a mentor 10 Karma Credits per hour for his work at an organization I which 50% of the profits go toward work in Africa that supports education and social justice
  • Sent 1 Karma Credit per mask made by to a person making masks for people in need, also offering 1 Karma Credit per $ spent on postage and shipping, resulting in us sending her over 250 Karma Credits for over 250 masks made
  • Sent a person 150 Karma Credits for sending out neighbor cards and for delivering hot meals to those in need.

Founder: Jack McDermott.
Social - https://twitter.com/points_karma
Website - KarmaCreditsCryptocurrency.com
NEAR account - jackmcdermott.near


Another good social token fit! Is the idea that you’d bridge the existing KRPT token over to NEAR?


The scope/community is different, but the structure and basic format is similar to this one as well: [Ideation] Decentralized Bounty Application Built on NEAR - may be worth checking out and seeing if there are some complimentary ways to build or collab.

Would love to see a proposal to our Social Token DAO for an ideation Bounty! https://www.sputnik.fund/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near/proposals/?#/dao/social-tokens.sputnikdao.near

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Yes! Bridge the existing KRPT token over to NEAR and create the above DApp on NEAR.

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Would love to collaborate! Yes, very similar. The only difference is that when you create a Karma List (similar to bounties for work), the bounties things you want to happen in your life. In other words, once you’re earned Karma Credits (KRPT) people will want to do good deeds for you, and so it’s the ultimate pay it forward model.

Ok I’d love to make it as an Ideation proposal under the Social Token DAO! Should I just copy it over, or do y’all have any feedback that might make it a better proposal?


You’re good to submit as is - thx!

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