Idea for activity for RU Community and others guilds to increase users base

Hi @Vladislav_vl25 , @zavodil and others,
Welcome @Dacha (it’s a marketing idea, so I hope you will be interested in it)

Type of activity: FlashMob.
The aim: to get attract more users and make noise on Social Media.
Description: The users (I expect Telegram, but the activity could be used on Twitter or another SM) add to their avatars Near logo and add to the BIO (profile description) the links on how to open the wallet. Then they make the screenshot and fill the form (tg username, wallet, screenshot - via Google form for example). Then make a lottery with rewards for the winners
Time: The activity period - 1 week (or 1 day for the testing).
Winners: a lottery (for example with 100 winners with 1-2N).
Budget: 100-200N (or 10-20N for testing)



I like this idea, lets go for it! please contact me in telegram Telegram: Contact @kakoilogin


Good morning. After conversation with @mr_free I put off Marketing DAO tags. Have a great day!