[idea] Democratise access to Record-Label-Resources for Talented-but-Underprivileged-Musicians

Talent is everywhere but opportunity is not

  • Hillary Clinton

The Problem
The music industry today has 2 major problems:

  1. For every Madonna or Michael Jackson, there exists hundreds of equally talented musicians all over the world who do not have enough time, resources, access, and strategic direction to accelerate success on a global scale; and
  2. These underprivileged musicians do not have easy access to financial support, quickly enabling them to fairly compete with those having abundant resources.

The Primary Use Case
The big idea is for fans to vote for and support the artists they think are going to be successful by giving them funding. They will give them funding by investing in a DAO that supports artists whose funding proposals they can vote on.

The Solution
A DAO that acts as a record label and has the following features:

  1. Talent musicians can submit funding proposals to the DAO and investors in the DAO can vote on which musicians get what funding.
  2. People that support musicians such as Song Writers, Image Consultants, Choreographers, Producers, Sound Engineers, Promoters, Distributors, etc. are screened, paired with artists and paid directly by the DAO.
  3. Investors in the DAO ear their returns from revenue shares or royalties depending on what agreements exist with artists based on their funding proposals.

Slide Deck: Pitch - Google Slides
Video Presentation: https://youtu.be/8_dM6B1QKSE
Github Repo: GitHub - zfcpowell/twoignitedao

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Will be very interested here to see what you end up building!