Human Guild Game Jam - Pretty Lost in Space - won 3rd place

I participated in Human Guild Game Jam and won 3rd place for my game Pretty Lost in Space.

I decided to do a pretty punk fan game because it was the first PFP NFT on NEAR that, as a woman, I felt confident using as a profile picture on Twitter.

My goals starting out were just to make a game that could integrate with NFTs in some way and to try out Frank Force’s Little JS game engine.

I had fun, and the Pretty Punks liked my game so I’ll continue to improve the gameplay, the UI, and hopefully fully integrate with NEAR: with login, storage of levels as strings on NEAR, a leaderboard and I’d like to learn how to integrate a FT as a reward.

I’m still a junior developer, so it’s nice that I’ve found so much support and kindness from people at the Human Guild and the Pretty Punks Club.

Links: game jam page, wallet app for choosing pretty punk player based on cards owned / link to full game


Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what you ship next :raised_hands:

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