[HIRING] Spiritual DAO Content Creation Team

Call to hire a team - Spiritual DAO Content Creation Team

Hellow fam <3 how are you all?

We are here to announce that we will hire a creation team for Spiritual DAO.

For this we ask for you to participate sharing the link of your portfolio in a reply at this post.

We have 3 vacant:

  • 1 for a designer
  • 1 for an audio engineer
  • 1 for video editor

You can see the full proposal of this project in this link

We heavily encourage all the participants to read the full project before applying to the job.

To be considered you need to have a portfolio and a Near wallet.

The idea is to create a team to work with spiritual dao in the long term and the amount of work and payout will always be more or less the same.

Join us in the journey


I’m interested in the project, I’m a very good graphic designer you can see my CV here

Here are some list of works I’ve done in the ecosystem

@beetlejuice @Cryptonaut


it’s asking access. :confused:

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Question., was it the portfolio be like a CV too.?

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i can do it, if no one shows-up, u already got the audio-worker right here


Hello @beetlejuice #spiritual-dao

I am Interested to work as Video Editor ,
As PassionateI am Video editor and Alredy worked for OWS MV traders and Talks on Near Blockchaian Video Editing .

Attaching my Portfolio -

And This is My YouTube Link - Founder of Talks on Near YouTube Channel

Also Had Experienced to work as Social Media Designer - Founder of NearInsights
Login • Instagram

Thanks , Looking forward fro Positive Response Thanks :heart:


Hello, I’d love to bee part of this journey and as a video editor

Here’s my resume Earnest Etim's Résumé [] - Google Docs

Currently contributing as a video editor for MarmaJ Foundation.

Here’s a link to my playlist


Hello Fam, saw this thread and I am very much interested.
I am a Cinematographer, Video Editor and a graphics Artiste. Below are lists of videos I have shot and edited:

You could check my Instagram for more works: @roxytheentertainer


a portfolio is always better cause we can see the work

hello everyone! I’m very interested in the designer position… here you can see my portfolio: Behance


Hey Spiritual DAO, I’d be interested in collaborating as a designer/illustrator on this project.
You can see some of my designs and illustrations here.


Hello, very nice! I would like to make the sound. I leave my links here.



Hello. I’d love to work for the community as a Graphic designer.
Attached is a link to my portfolio.

Thank you.


Recommending @yehosua.near :grin: :muscle: :100:


Hi! I’m interested in this project, I’m a music producer based in Mumbai
I’ve been working in the field since the past 7 years I’ve worked with major labels such as universal music and Sony music.
I make multi genre records and DJ as well,I’ve also DJd at various metaverse parties for spiritual DAO.
Always finding new sounds and getting something fresh on the track.
I’m also an audio engineer and can work on post production of songs for mixing mastering.

Drive Link


Hello Spiritual DAO.
I am very much interested to join the content creation team as a designer following your announcement.

Here is a link to my portfolio as required.

Kindly regards, Thanks.



As an intense watcher of online yoga classes myself, it will be a joy to join a team on that mission! I work mainly with video, but I also have a consistence knowledge of audio, which makes it easier to work with the audio expert.

Most of my works on my website are more artistic, and I’m still working on my more commercial portfolio, but I hope it’s ok for now. Here is the link to apply for the video editor position: Esther Lourenço

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I would love to apply for the Graphic designer position. Here’s my portfolio if you guys interested