[Hackathon_may] Experiencing colours through VR

Project title: A stroll through colours (and the mind)

One-liner: Using VR to broaden the experience of colours and paintings

Project DAO: VR-dao

Challenge area: “Propose your own challenge”.

Team members: tabear.near

Colours are experienced differently by each and every person. We are surrounded by them every day and grasp them through our eyes. They provoke certain emotions and very personal memories.

VR gives us the opportunity to fully dive in. The idea is therefore to create a virtual journey through different colors in order to experience them in more depth.

This experience would be used

  • in physical exhibitions where each artwork also exists as an NFT and becomes its own virtual space. The visitor has then not only the option to look at the physical piece but also enter the digital version in the VR journey. This journey would also include specific sounds, music or sentences which are chosen by the artist to transmit the feeling that he or she felt or intended to express with the piece. The journey could go even further by not only showing the final painting and the intentions but also the artist’s way to get there by including previous experiences, paintings that have served as inspiration, sketches, colour tests etc.

  • in art classes to teach children the different components of color and the system of complementary colours and different ways of mixing (overlaying red with yellow = orange or blending all colors=black vs. blending all colors of light= white) for example. By entering the VR experience, the different pigments and effects would become visible.

  • in color/chromo therapy. As different colors provoke different emotions the VR experience could be used to heal or guide patients through difficult emotional states and help them move forward or comfort them.

Eventually, when technology is ready, maybe even smell could be integrated.

I am planning on minting NFTs that are transformed from the craft space [physical paintings] into the digital space and display solely colors in their full vibrance and would love to then bring them into VR.

This is an idea that I would love to see become (virtual) reality. I am not tech savvy enough though to develop the technical part and could for now only contribute with the art itself. I would love to learn more about how to create one’s own VR on the technical aspect of it. For now I am just leaving the idea here and looking forward to seeing if this could go forward or if someone would like to work on it together.

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Visual Presentation here : https://prezi.com/p/edit/jmxxfc-wkghu/

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Hi @tabear the link to your prezi is broken.

Since you are looking for a developer it would be good to spec out the experience you’re imagining in as much detail as possible. There are tools for this like Storyboard VR | Download a free tool to prototype VR ideas | Artefact

Maybe that level of detail is already in your prezi :yum: Looking forward to checking it out.



Thanks for pointing it out.
Let’s try this one

Would love to add more details but not sure if I manage until the deadline today unfortunately

Hey @tabear how are you girrl? Just to let you guys know that the VR DAO is still on and we’re still funding proposals… We’d like to know if this project was taken further in the post- hackathon. How is it going? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Let us know if anything is needed! looking fwd to know more about the next steps if you guys are planning to implement this cheers :raised_hands:



I swear I was going to send it to you girls & guys today :smiley: It has not been taken further yet but would love to go on with that, especially as the VR is so active now! As mentioned in the initial post I am not a developer myself myself but would love to keep on working on it & getting some guidance on how to develop it in more detail :slight_smile:

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niiice! I think this project also will get Tolga’s interest! :smiley:
Feel free to send proposals to the DAO to keep developing it :star_struck: @frnvpr maybe you can reach tolga about it


Awesome, would love to work on that, will reach out to him as well!
@squattingPigeon just adding you in here and maybe we could work on this :slight_smile:

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yeah talk to him and get back to us :building_construction:

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We’ll meet tomorrow & get back to you :slight_smile: