[Hackathon] Marma J Foundation DAO - Creators & Communities

The Marma J DAO exists with the purpose of supporting creatives who aim to spread love and positivity throughout the web3 community. Currently, the Marma J SputnikDAO is where the Marma J Council Members vote on proposals submitted on the NEAR blockchain. Each proposal to the Marma J SputnikDAO also requires a Discourse Forum link upon submission.

One of the main funding avenues that support the Marma J DAO is the split royalties and fees from NFT sales on the Mintbase platform. As such, all NFTs minted by the DAO on Mintbase will use “marmaj.sputnik-dao.near” as the funding address in the split royalties (and also split fees). This means that the Marma J DAO will earn off of every sale, forever. This cycle will generate revenue for the Marma J DAO to support incoming proposals from our community members.

marmaj token:

marmaj NFTs:

Please feel free to join our community on telegram: MarmaJ SputnikDAO


Great funding model! I love the incentive model and would love to learn more about this initiative and its implementation! Excited to see more!

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Thanks! Hoping to submit our proposal to NFT Onboarding this weekend as well!