Guidelines on how to Create Awesome Content and Building a Thriving Community

Very important for the Newly onboarded community


Content for the Near Protocol and ecosystem must highlight the value of the Near Protocol projects, its technology, the ecosystem of integrations, and the community. Review the content ideas and resources to get inspiration.

Content ideas

What is Near Protocol?

Near Protocol’s unmatched scalability and low transaction fees

Why does Near Protocol’s scalability go beyond traditional blockchains?

Near Protocol’s ecosystem of projects and partners


Near Protocol’s sub-ecosystems: NFT, DeFi, dApps, Oracles, DAOs, etc.

Tutorials: How to start building on BOS, APIs, components, gateways, and other widgets E.T.C

Tutorials: Share your experience building on Near Protocol and trying its integrations.

Helpful Information/Resources

What you should do in Social Media Handles (depending)


Create informative and visually appealing infographics about the Near Protocol, focusing on its value proposition and key features. Use images, icons, and creative content to make the information easily understandable.

Design GIFs that showcase the unique aspects of Near Protocol and convey its value proposition. Make the GIFs fun, creative, and easy to comprehend.

Create educational and entertaining memes related to the Near Protocol. Use MEMEs to tell stories about Near Protocol or highlight its value and uniqueness.

Produce informative and interactive videos that explain Near Protocol, its technology, and its integrations. Videos can provide an overview of the project or serve as guides and tutorials.


Write blog articles about Near Protocol’s smart contract platform, technology, and BOS integrations. Explore different aspects of Near Protocol and provide valuable insights to the readers.

Community Building

Starting or building a community can indeed be challenging in the early stages. Building a community from scratch requires time, effort, and dedication. However, with a clear vision and strategic approach, you can lay a solid foundation for your community’s growth and success.

In the beginning, it’s important to establish your community’s niche or focus within the Web3 space or the Near ecosystem. Identify a specific area or theme that sets your community apart and resonates with your target audience. Is your community in the creative arts focused on marketing or dev related themes? This focus will attract individuals who share a common interest and are more likely to actively participate and contribute to the community.

Here are some possible guidelines to help one build a community:


Organize an AMA session about Near Protocol and its technology in your community, or reach out to communities interested in an AMA with the Near Protocol team. Encourage community engagement and provide informative responses.

online workshops

Host workshops focused on near-protocol technologies, especially bOS, showcasing their integrations, technology, and developer community. Offer hands-on experiences and encourage participation.

presentations about Near Protocol’s smart contract platform, integrations, partners, and the community. Share insights and updates, and foster engagement and collaboration in various online or offline events and meetings.

In-person meetups

Organize face-to-face meetups to discuss the NP ecosystem, its smart contract platform, integrations, partners, and the community. Create opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

Arrange and execute virtual networking events with the ecosystem community leaders. Foster connections, discussions, and collaboration among community members.

Event suggestions

Provide suggestions to any of the grassroots DOAs regarding events, hackathons, and presentations in your region that they should consider participating in. Help expand the project’s reach and visibility.

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Thanks for sharing these awesome guidelines on creating amazing content and building a thriving community around Near Protocol. It’s great to see the emphasis on highlighting the value of the projects, technology, ecosystem, and community.

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