[GUIDE] Writing a report for the Creatives DAO

Here is a general overview of how to write a monthly report for Creatives DAO.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the moderators via the Creatives DAO telegram group, or through our discord server.

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Tags: guild-reports, monthly-reports, (individual DAO tag)

(insert month) Monthly Report

Project Name: (insert DAO name)

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Council members:

Balance: current account balance _____

Astrodao: ______.sputnik-dao.near


  • Report on Project 1
  • Report on Project 2
  • Report on Project 3
  • Report on Project 4
    ……And so on - make sure to add links where applicable



Accounting (Still to be paid out/Already paid out):

Next Steps:

You can also include here any appropriate links for the community to interact with the DAO


Nice ! Thanks for this beautiful template.
Hi @Dacha can i use this template for marketing?

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No problem @frado . We will most likely be updating this in the coming weeks, but for now the main addition to the above that we are looking for is some metrics… ie. how many onboarded, NFTs created etc. etc. This is so we can start building a clearer oversight of the Creatives DAO community. Thanks!

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Good evening, we have our one :grin:

But I like @ted.iv ’s temple as well.


We are doing a reporting!! thanks!!

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