Grants Program Weekly Update 7.28


It was an eventful two week (712 – 7/28) for the Grants Program. Below are the key highlights:

  • Grant Program member CurioInvest announced their plans to tokenize assets on NEAR during ETHcc. Yessin provides some brief remarks during the event. (link)
  • The Grants Program / Funding Platform has completed formulating its OKRs for Q3
    • The Grants Program and now an element of the broader Funding Platform
  • The Grants Program is partnering with the NEAR India Accelerator to support a subset of the projects with grants


  • 6 new grants signed this week for $93K in committed capital
  • $19,500 in deployed capital to 3 grants this week
    • completed their final milestone. We are already discussing a follow-on grant for additional work the team is doing around NEAR dev tools
  • 5 new grant applications
  • Bi-weekly pipeline
    • Tech Reviews / Interviews: 7
    • Contracting: 8

Challenges & Blockers

  • The Grants Program has been absorbed into the broader Funding Platform mandate which increases the scope of initiatives and OKRs
  • Continue to improve coordination related to invoicing but remains a point of friction
    • Coordinating with NF Operations on a plan to improve. Will be in Zuig next week to work directly with the team to resolve

Action Items

  • Spending time in Zuig next week to connect with the FLO (Finance, Legal, Operations) team to work directly around unlocking some friction points
    • One-click to sign grant agreements
    • Ironclad contract process and innovation tooling
  • Connecting w/ Ecosystem Success, Community, and PR teams to develop ideal working protocols