Game Skulls of the Galaxy NEAR


At the end of 2021, I discovered neural networks. Pretty soon, I had more than 15 thousand generated images at my disposal. All of them were generated by a single request. It seems to me that I “killed” this neural network with this. But she was originally crippled because the only thing she normally generated were skulls.

They’re all pretty lousy in an artistic sense. But all together they carry cultural value About a thousand turned out to be the most interesting. Each of these characters has some kind of character. They are included in my NFT collection.

Placement of the Nft.

In search of a suitable Blockchain to host the collection, I came to the research protocol. I liked the simplicity, speed and cheapness of creating an NFT.

I added all the tokens manually. Certain attributes with an empty value were sewn into each token. This was done so that in the future it would be possible to use these tokens as game tokens.

Creating the first game mechanics.

I found a programmer who undertook to make a website for the collection where you could get attribute values. This was how the value of tokens was supposed to be formed - the rarity of the nft and the abilities of the characters.

Some of the work has been done. The result can be viewed here:

And then the war started and we decided to postpone our venture until better times.

At the moment, my programmer is not ready to participate in the continuation of the process. And I want to continue the project. It seems to me that another interesting game will be able to attract a lot of people to the system.

Now we need to finish work on the site and give the NFT owners the opportunity to get attributes for their tokens.

Game development.

I came up with the game mechanics. The game turns out to be interesting and gives you the opportunity to earn money.

In a nutshell about the game. It should be a telegram card game. Players will be able to connect their wallets, choose a team, cards, and compete or cooperate during the game to achieve a result - winning or receiving some prizes that can be saved as an NFT and used as needed. Character card holders will be able to receive a commission for the use of their cards by other players. And other players will be able to play and profit from the game without having their own character cards.

Initially, the creation of DAO was planned for the development of the game. I see that the research institute already has a game DAO and is ready to put the development of the project under its management.

If there is an interested team capable of implementing such an ambitious project, let’s cooperate!