Funding the NEAR Army for July

To: SputnikDAO

Summary / Purpose

The NEAR Degen Army has been growing, upgrading and iterating itself over the month of July. Our Degen Army List Includes:

  1. JeremyP.near
  2. Ollie.near
  3. rejinderi.near
  4. p0k.near
  5. hieunmben100.near
  6. thb0301.near
  7. gullffa.near
  8. malecoleg.near
  9. poddsy.near
  10. harshit.near
  11. tutmt.near
  12. zeitwarp.near
  13. simeon4real.near
  14. andresdavinf.near
  15. naveen_in.near
  16. slacker.near
  17. haenko.near
  18. alejandro.near
  19. hamb123.near
  20. degenerate.near
  21. beget.near
  22. rimberjack.near
  23. girlsworld007.near
  24. traderbtcc28.near
  25. veshorg211.near
  26. Cryptolover5.near
  27. denismadris.near
  28. lolson.near
  29. ratatoeskr.near
  30. margik.near
  31. yuppiefab.near
  32. zanglee.near
  33. investor_alison.near
  34. meskalitio.near
  35. cryptogarik.near
  36. kanzy99.near
  37. her0.near
  38. kkdarla.near
  39. rendal.near
  40. Jaspert2.near
  41. sailormoon.near

Who are you Near Army? What are yon doing in Near Army? You got 22500 NEAR in July via SandBox , but where is activities report ? Thanks

What this member did for instance? How much he got ? Is it a real person or was created to steel money from Near treasury?

I need detailed information about every member in your Army. Thanks

Hey Dacha, why don’t we schedule a call sometime ?

You can DM me @Ozymandius1 on telegram and we can set something up from there.

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Okay even better, let’s do a public call – where anyone can join. What time would you like to jump on and discuss?


Also, you can see very clearly on NEAR Explorer of what happened to all of the funds:


Feel free to write your thoughts here. It will be interesting for @illia and other community members.


I am a real person, a Degen, and member of a second guild. I have been active in the Degen group for a few months now- You can check my wallet, I make the same base amount that I assume most other degens make.


Hey dude. I understand the alarm if you weren’t familiar with the initiative. Here’s the form we’ve been reposting regularly to recruit people. This should give you an idea of what’s up.

And I think you are underestimating how familiar community members may be with the program.


And what you did? What is your KPI?


are you kidding me?

@Grace Good morning. I saw you approved the proposal. Could you please share your thoughts? why? Do you support shipposting? Why you didn’t ask any reports?

Can you also comment this transaction

You got 2400 nears from Nf and sent them to interplanetary.near , interplanetary sold the tokens on Binance


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Hi @Dacha

Thanks for your diligent work and dedication to ensure effective allocation of $NEAR.

I am in full support of the work of the NEAR army, as I am in full support of the work of the Guilds that @Ozymandius manages and any other activity that aligns efforts to increase ecosystem value.

As I see you are spending valuable time in this forum, I welcome your time and support to become a council member in any of these treasuries.

As for my personal use of NEAR, that is what it is: PERSONAL. If you have an evidence-based accusation, please share it.

I hope we can maintain a respectful conversation.


Thanks for your work, keep rolling.

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I’m not surprised, you work together and support each other. It’s the reason why consuls should be independent persons. @Grace grace did you read the topic The Marketing DAO Vertical - #14 by Dacha how should be prepared funding request? Or you both don’t care about it?

And you didn’t say about interplanetary.near .

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Hello Dacha, I see you’re up to something, demanding more outcome reports and questioning payment approvals. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. And I believe every member of community member has right to ask it.

But what I’m also observing that You’re accusing people on assumptions and using a harsh language-which is not right!(correct me if I’m wrong on this)

Hey @Dacha , I appreciate your initial question around what are the goals and results of this effort.

But I would like to highlight that since it you went into attacking people and trolling which is beyond what should be happening in the forum and NEAR community overall.

I have posted more Community Etiquette with what code of conduct really comes out of our values. Please read it carefully.

Instead of inflammatory inquiry, a reasonable question to provide more transparency is a way to go. Please follow these guidelines, or we would need to suspend your account. Personal attacks will never lead to a constrictive dialogue.

Returning to the original question - it is still not answered here, so that’s still in order in a reasonable form: goals of the effort, KPIs, learnings, next iteration that improves on things that didn’t work.


Hi. I have given the KPI/OKR for the degen group (as much as we had since only being two months old we were still defining our metric system) for July here: Another one side of marketing (part 1) - #3 by rimberjack

@dacha , let’s get some things straight.

(1) In the replies, @ozymandius offered to answer all your questions. Even through a public call. Even messaged you separately to answer you. You ignored.

(2) At the time of your initial inquiry, we had to do two things at once:

  • follow procedure and post funding info on forum publicly
  • but also keep our operations opaque, as that was requested of us
    Sure, you didn’t know this before, so you would have been suspicious. But now you do know, because (as in the linked reply), I have explained to you. And so did @Ozymandius, in his post.

(3) Then you blow things out of proportion and start ridiculing + accusing people based on your unfounded narrative.
So we finally think enough is enough and give you the full backstory + as much relevant insight as possible.

Now that everything is out in daylight, if we want to move the conversation to what actually matters (“goals of effort, KPIs, learning, next iteration…”), then we can. But even with this @Dacha seems to be unwilling to have fruitful conversation, because they merely comment “it doesn’t matter” or “remove the scalpers”. How do we move to have a conversation when even being given what they demanded, they can’t engage in a constructive manner? Dialogue requires the effort of both parties.