FINAL REPORT |Press office for NADA DAO (October, 2022)


This is the NADA DAO press office stock report.

Our objective in the first period was:

  • Strengthening the brand relationship with the press
  • Preparation of guidelines, releases and articles for the press
  • Space for media interviews
  • Working with influencers
  • Dissemination of projects in at least 2 national reach channels

To achieve our objectives, we created a specific mailing list for NADA DAO, interviewed those responsible for NADA, created a publicity release and sent it to the press to prospect spaces in the communication vehicles.

Results achieved
We were able to publicize the release in the following vehicles:

Future actions
During the process, we realized that brazilian vehicles still have some resistance to talk about topics such as cryptocurrencies and web3.0. For future actions, we suggest the creation of articles that deal with the theme, in a simpler way, in more “traditional” vehicles. In addition to the dissemination of projects carried out by NADA DAO.