I am would like to propose a new AstroDAO feature that would make to easier to authorize multiple transfers at a time (e.g., three team members all worked on a project and each gets a different amount) and that could also be used to incentivize people in DAOs to vote.

I started out with the thought that I would like to build incentives to vote into my DAO, and then realized that a more general functionality would be useful as well.

The problem is a lot of people don’t vote in DAOs.

The solution could be a simple and automated way to reward people for voting. The DAO can set up a pool of tokens or NFTs for a specific period that will distributed at the end of the period among the people who vote based on their votes. The distribution could be based on relative quantity of votes, but it could also take into account other factors such as how quickly someone votes or conviction (how long their vote is in place).

If we were to add this functionality, we should also be able to enable a proposal to make multiple transfers at a time. In the ideal world, you can add as many simultaneous transfers as needed to a proposal.

So in summary, I am suggesting two new proposal capabilites:

  1. Proposal specifies a reward pool for a specific period (e.g., the month of June). The reward pool could be static (e.g., 100 NEAR) or dynamic (e.g., X NEAR per proposal voted on during the period). Proposal also specifies the allocation method. Basic allocation method would be relative number of votes. Alternative methods could take into consideration other desired actions (e.g., how quickly they vote relative to other voters on specific proposals). At the end of the period, AstroDAO would (automatically if possible) calculate the allocations and make the transfers. I think it would be cool if the data was posted in a comment on the proposal as well.

  2. Since we are making transfers to multiple people if we do #1, we can abstract out that to create a multiple payment functionality. Proposal specifies description of why payments are being made, and two more transfers (i.e., near address and amount). User can add as many transfers as needed in same proposal. This could potentially be implemented by adding the capability to add an addition transfer to existing transfer functionality.

If that all makes sense…

@starpause @godofnfts @David_NEAR

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@shiftshapr we are working on this (in part) with a grant from Near.
Here the prototype

on Harmony.

Here the whitepaper

Lets us know to include you for Beta testing :slight_smile:
Would also love to explore some of the features you mentioned further.


Yes, yes, and yes! Absolutely love the idea (and if Astro were to have a token, this would be a perfect use case :no_mouth:).

As for the approach, I do not think something like this belongs in the core of the Sputnik Contracts. That gets us away from the need to build a new feature there which enables multi-payouts. Although that feature could be interesting to explore separately.

The Grindery Nexus “Zapier” approach makes a lot of sense and would allow us to play with the triggers for rewards (how quickly someone voted, relative to other voters, etc). This could also be used for micro rewarding things like https://gleam.io/ tasks (useful to all kinds of artists and brands running marketing campaigns).

Another way to implement this would be as it’s own contract. Since DAOs are not emitting on chain events we would need something like CronCat to run a function every so often which would query votes since the last time period and reward them.

Multicall also comes to mind when thinking about doing multiple things from a single DAO proposal. I don’t think it helps get around the fact that you can only pay out a single target from any single DAO proposal (without sending those funds to a 3rd smart contract for redistribution).

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Hey @edbong! I am going to dig into the docs. Love the approach. I’ve used Zapier so I am familiar. I’d be excited to set up for the DAOs I am working on (Presence DAO, TulumCoin DAO, and Pacha DAO) and also potentially the DAOs that I am beginning to mentor.

I will look at the docs so I have a more full sense of how it works :slight_smile:

@starpause Being able to reward Gleam like interactions is ideal. I think an AstroDAO token would be pretty cool :heart_eyes_cat: given that we really need to reward positive behaviors (such as voting and promoting) to make the most out of DAOs!