FDAO file for [ @King_singhh ]

Hello [@King_singhh ] This is your transparent file on forum & your report and jurisdiction would be done on this post thread only.

Activities tend to start as early as possible within (1st-7th) and report should be submitted within 20th-25th of any month your activities was carried out.

The link on how to start your test phase would be sent to your email :e-mail: so it would be great to utilize the doc

:memo: Note: if you miss the deadline to submit your report , you would have to submit it the next month on the 20th -25th.

Thanks :pray: and Godspeed

Ok sir got it thanks for the opportunity :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

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@King_singhh can’t make a report so i will do that for him

Hello, I am King Singhh , an aspiring Engager in FDAO .

I was in the trial phase for the FDAO and had great experience working with them.
I made lots of new friends, got a great engagement on twitter and overall had a great experience.
I was posting on Near Social and twitter daily educating people about the near ecosystem and NDC elections .

Below is my record of activities carried out within August 2023.

Below is my twitter analytics

I also attend Twitter space and weekly meetings , where I learned a lot of new things ,
like how the election is fair and about safegaurds for election integrity in the NDC.
And the QNA sessions where most of questions about election and BOS was answered .
I didn’t take a lot of screenshots so I am including few of them

Proof of WhatsApp Distribution.

Total NEAR related Posts:
Tweets - 12
Quote tweets - 13
Near Social post- 21 with ndc and #FDAO and with #BOS
Thank you for giving me this opportunity
Best regards!

Hello @King_singhh glad to have your, i recently reviewed your activities and your results goes as follows

For Trial Gift

15post on BOS and meet the 3.5k impressions on twitter therefore you’re eligible for the 30$ gift for the trial phase.

For Level up or dismissal

  • meet 3.5k impressions = 1 mark
  • You didn’t engage on our post on at least 70% on VIP chamber = 0 mark
  • Nice and Awesome memes = 0mark
  • Attended 3 of our weekly FDAO Meetings= 1 mark
  • Nice write ups= 1 mark

With the total of = 3 marks

According to the marking scheme of our DAO you’re hereby leveled up to the NOVICE level read about the novice level and we would send you the badge as a verified Engager congrats”

Status - Leveled UP

Wait for guidelines and further information on how to receive your 30$ gift and if you where able to level up it’s mandatory to join our DAO on Astro as a “Verified Engager”


  • You didn’t participate in Meme Contest please do so and show your creativity
  • Engage in post and activities within the VIP Chamber of FDAO Telegram

Hi @King_singhh

You can now create a transfer proposal on Astro DAO to request for your gift.
Use this description while requesting on Astro
Description- Requesting for 24.6NEAR @1.22 for 30$ bounty gift , for the Freelancer DAO trial phase bounty, since I’m eligible for the bounty.

Link-> [add your forum file link]

If you don’t know how to propose a transfer learn here using the video or doc below

Our DAO on Chain on Astro’s

Thanks. Also request a proposal to be added to our DAO by requesting to become a “verified Engager”

Hello, this is King singhh. I thoroughly enjoyed my time serving as the Novice Engager at FDAO during the month of September. I acquired valuable hands-on experience in engaging across various platforms and made every effort to make a positive contribution to the FDAO community, with the hope that it will contribute to their success.

I started my work from 1st of September and worked till 24th of September.

Below is my report of this month where i had given info about all the tweets , memes , graphics as well as the on chain activity i had done this month


I maintained a certain level of impressions this month

Apart from that i had attended all the 4 weekly meetings and different NDC meets below are screen shot of few meetings

You can see the attendance screenshots for my presence in other 2 meets those ss got deleted from my phone

Proof of whatsApp status :

Finally concluding this report with my stats

Total tweets - 30 ( 22 tweets , 6 memes , 1 graphics, 1 poem )
Total engagement - 14.4K ( Required 5k )
Total #BOS posts - 30 ( Required 25 )
Whatsapp status - 3 with total 182 views

I tried my hardest to do as well as I could this month, and I’m looking forward to another good month ahead


Hi @King_singhh nice report.

Activities and Rewards

5 memes created, per memes is 2$ = 10$
30 Tweets , per tweet is 1$ = 30$
2 Graphic, $5 per graphics =$10
WhatsApp post | 3 post on status = 3$
Total amount = 53$
According to new structure and due to funds reduction by the MDAO we have limited budget and agreed on making the max for NOVICE 50$ for this month.

Marking Scheme to determine level up

joined 3 Calls = 1 marks
good post and nice memes = 1 mark
Good report = 1mark
good impression and active on telegram & BOS = 1marks
Total mark 4 | 4/6
Congrats you are promoted to the lancer tier of FDAO

You can now create a transfer proposal on Astro DAO to request for your gift.
Use this description while requesting on Astro
Description- Requesting for 45.04NEAR @1.11 for 50$ , for the NOVICE bounty

Link-> [add your forum file link]

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Thank you so much sir, and i assure you as lancer we’ll be :fire::fire: