[Event Proposal] Progressive Relaunch of StarTree.TV - 31-DEC/2021

The 1st iteration of StarTree(.TV) hit the web in late 2003, before MySpace! It was designed as a social networking “portal” specifically for Performance and Media Artists, Fans and Friends. I had ideas then, that blockchain tech now make more realizable than ever before( A specific method of media distribution and sales, referred to as “The StarTree Cycler”). If you check out startree(.tv) now, you will see that the basic structure is ready. I do need some support to complete the process of designing the pages of the CMS. The 1st order of business is to hire freelance help to complete the design. Then, I will create some promotional media to advertise the beta relaunch. There may be other technical considerations, and requirements such as upgrading hosting. My goal is to not only relaunch the Web2 site. I then plan to continue development on integrating the project with blockchain technology, including NFTs. I intend to complete development milestones, but may require ongoing support, before and after the full relaunch. I could use some help getting to the next plateau. I am specifically requesting $1,000 for the period of Dec/21 to Jan/21, to support me and the development of StarTree(.TV) into the age of Web3.

Here is what the 1st iteration looked like: StarTree.tv: free mp3 downloads, music and CDs of Independent musical artists

And then in 2010 (That is me on the page): Daniel Who? | StarTree.TV

I can be contacted on Twitter at: /StarTreeTV


Hey @StarTreeTV I just want to clarify, this is listed under the event stream, will there be an event produced with the funds? Ideally, we hope to support projects & events that make an impact in the community, promote collaboration, include other guilds or DAOs and utilize Near ecosystem technology. I’m not really seeing any of that in this proposal.

Also is there a breakdown as to what the budget will actually go to aside from ‘supporting you’ to develop StarTree?

I love the concept and idea behind, just trying to see how it fits with the kind of support we’re able to offer and how it connects to Near.

Thanks again for submitting your proposal!

cc @NxM


Sounds interesting…but we really need a clear demonstration of both the use of funds and specifically how the project will interact and engage with the NEAR/NxM ecosystem

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