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This will be a small exclusive event due to covid capacity limitations, how ever it will be useful due to the near and music onboarding members from cameroon into the NXM community NEAR ecosystem and new near wallet activation will be taking place at the event ground :fire: talking much about NEAR and MUSIC ecosystem

This will be the first event happening in cameroon as well as NXM is concern.
Will be educational and onboarding members to the NXM community guide ecosystem.
We will have live performance on which we record video’s and audio’s minted after the event as an NFT.
We will have JAHZONE talk about
NXM and DAO with NEARNFT blockchain ecosystem.
NXM LiVE…Redirecting...

We will explain the mission of the guild.
We will onboard invited contributors as we feature our contents for a big marketing push through out December and more of 2022.
We will get bloggers and media release for the event to help spread the name of the guild and strengthen a cameroonian presence.
We will need to entertain the population relaxation with Snacks and drinks… etc.
We Get a good allocation for the event ground and also organized a live band set with some good DJs if that’s possible.
For this we request $500… . Processing: Video.Guru_20211120_135644478.mp4…

$400 will be allocated for the planing, space rental and entrainment or with light refreshment.
$500 will be use for all expenses we can use a little of @Jahzonemusician NEAR to activate or allocated for new wallet activation .
For event ground=$50.
DJs set and life band set =$125.
$80 for the live band and DJs set ,$45 for the artist and DJs making the total of $125.
Drinks and snacks= $100.
A bottle $2 Wich is 50 bottles making a total of $100.
Printing of bannas and hand bill= $50.
Hand bill as invitation card $25 and also banner can be $25 for like two or four banners even more making $50 as total.
Caravan is like rahley we move around sharing near nxm hand bil like evangelism is $50.
Transportation will be about $15, dj set for caravan $20 and also MC for that movement$15, which making total of $50.
Thanks to the NXM community guild
council members.


Djs are two of them dj poison and DJ nonsense
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They don’t have near name but using this event to get an account for both of them so I can pay them with NEAR

Jaica , mistikal , JAHZONE , BuJUman
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Mistikal Redirecting...
BuJUman Redirecting... …are artist for live Performance
afriblink blog is one of the bloggers I will love to work with for promo kamer blogger
J Martin promo
Afriblinkblog Redirecting...
J Martin Redirecting...
Kamer blog Redirecting...
The event date is 15 December I will like to start working on the arrangements asap. First I will start with posters and banners with hand bill and bloggers to spread the information urgently and to make sure everyone knows what’s gonna happen
Am requesting a fund in advance to allocate EVENT GROUND . DJS AND SET . Drinks . Live band and Artist with transportation am asking for $500 to make the EVENT Successful


Hi @Jahzonemusician can you list the budget and items in $USD please. Also, submissions for the Events Grant will open on the 25th November. Read the instructions here thank you!

Ok boos am going to do that asap

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Thanks @Jahzonemusician, but I need you to provide more detail on where the budget is going, like a break down of the expenses and how much each one is… Also FYI only up to $1000 is available for funding events via NxM.

Ok boos I will just now

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ATTN: NxM council @chloe @zeitwarp @Grace + @Paul @Monish016 please do offer some feedback if you have any!


Looks great overall, everything seems reasonable. Would be great to get a lot more links added to the proposal though.

Is there a google maps location for this?

Links for both the artist and NXM Live would be awesome here. (as well as c1)

Are there links to these artists and their work?

Is this 5$ USD for each bottle of beer?

Assuming these artists have links to their profiles somewhere as well or their work?

Is there a link to this blog that can be added to the proposal?

Not sure what this is, but a link would probably help.

Overall idea seems sound, but there is a lack of details in my opinion.


I fully agree with @chloe

In my opinion it would be awesome if you will be able to take some photos or record some short videos during the event to show the interaction with the people and how they are enjoying the party. Such content will be used on NxM social media, which is added value for us.

In general, I love your idea @Jahzonemusician !

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Just summited links please can you check it out

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Ok brother copy that would be interested

Please I’ve tried to schedule my expenses check it out and see the details and links of my artist and EVENT ground :fire:
@zeitwarp@paul@monisho16@grace@chloe @vanda

Hey @Jahzonemusician I think this could be a great way to support the growth of the community in Cameroon and I think it’s a great idea! Despite how messy the proposal is I do have a couple of concerns around incentivizing people with so much alcohol. I think just having the beer is enough, maybe we could do without the whiskey?

I’d love to see the budget better organized, maybe you can use this post as a reference on how to structure it. I know you’re using a mobile phone, and that it’s a bit more difficult, but if you could clean this up a bit more that would be great!

@NxM council any additional thoughts?


Thanks much boss o will do a little Changes to make it clean please


Thanks for cleaning up the proposal. Awaiting more feedback from the council :100:


Hey @Jahzonemusician We’re happy to announce that your project has been approved to receive funding under December’s Events stream. Congrats on behalf of the NxM Council @zeitwarp @chloe @Grace and myself :partying_face:

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Thanks very very much for my project to be approved and also I promise to make the council proud am so excited to bring surch an event to my country I intend to continue this project in feature as more as they keep listening and ONBOARDING . Thanks again


Wonderful! Can you indicate (edit into the proposal) how much of the funds (up to 50%) you will need in advance (if any) for your event. We are including this proposal in our NxM December funding request that will be sent in to Creatives DAO tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Ok I will need to get fund for allocation of event ground with equipment and artist fee with DJs and set

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Greatings to the council members am grateful for the fund in advance . I was sent 65 Near but binance was the problem for me because they keep saying Near suspended , I decided to look for a purchaser in the NXM .soo lucky I found @sterryo he lelp me out on buying my 65 N for $400 BTC I trade the coins to 200’000 cfa as 500cfa for a dollar total was the amount …200,000cfa I have done all the necessary like payment for allocation and drinks with DJ set and life band set even flyert and bloggers but still left to pay for the barners and rally movement as caravan to spread the message phicicaly and also would like to print some hand bill that will be needed for the caravan so we give it out for people to have time on thier own to read and understand what’s going on but the money with me is not enough am pleading to request a payout for $250 to use and complete the event management and also will need some $100 near for ONBOARDING making $300 requested thanks! IMG-20211209-WA0063|375x500
The amount I received


Thanks @Jahzonemusician can you pls state the $ amount instead of the Near amount as it might change if/once this request is approved. Thanks!

Roping in @chloe @zeitwarp @Grace to chime in

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