Estação ressonância {proposal}


Goal: With an ongoing research on Portuguese speakers artists whose works involve visual art and sound. The project consists of a platform to exhibit existing and unpublished works.

Those works are all going to be organized in an online exhibition platform and also minted and available at 55SP Mintabase store, released as digitals albuns.

This is an ongoing project and the idea is to add different artists, under different exhibitions and curatorships.

The Resonance Station page is under development and this month we will be investing in the research of Portuguese-speaking artists and improving the webpage.

Bringing onboard 5 new artists and minting 10 sound artworks

Ressonância Station Curator and Director USD 350

Ressonância Station Curator and Researcher USD 350

Site Web Page Organization USD 100

Invited artists and musicians

USD 80 for sound artwork x 5 = USD 400

Subtotal USD 1200

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