Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program (Report)

Name: KS Pradham
Wallet: ksp.near

Project: Creation of onboarding funnels for the NEAR Ecosystem in India

Updates from 1st month:

  1. Crypto Capable Campus Ambassador Program has reached over 40 colleges in India. In process of organizing web3 seminars in top colleges across India.
  2. Project funding: Stealthpad by Suraj Venkat
  3. Potential Partnerships: BlrCoin and Product Folks
  4. Bringing in other experienced students/ professionals into the fellowship programs.
  5. Set up processes and partnerships to fast track and scale the above-mentioned processes.

Crypto Capable has expanded team to four members and is looking to hire a couple more members in the near future. I am currently handling all operations for the organisation.

Do reach out if you want to learn more about us and our activities. Would love to collaborate.