Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-10-11

Brief Summary

  • Three people from Core team are attending ICPC world finals this week;
  • Core team merged a PR that prepares the transition between the last non-sharded block and the first sharded block. Exciting!
  • Testnet 1.22.0 release is coming on Oct 18;

New Joiners


  • Core team merged lots of PRs for network, while includes parallelization, de-duplication of messages, and cleanup PRs;
  • Core team prepared code for the last block before shard layout kicks-off;
  • Node Experience load tested one shard with skyward contracts;
  • Developer Platform is testing AVA for JS testing framework. It should give 2x faster tests;
  • Developer Platform finished discussing design of identity provider for DevConsole. Join this and other discussions if you have opinion on DevConsole!
  • Noded Interfaces is about to publish near-jsonrpc-client-rs on;

Challenges and Blockers

Full Reports