Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-08-02

Brief Summary

  • Contract Runtime achieved 25-30% contract loading speedup, improved Wasmer 2.0 safety, and are cleaning up param estimator;
  • Chain team started implementation of dynamic number of shards across the epochs;
  • You can now send fungible tokens in wallet!


  • Contract Runtime moved weekly async updated to Zulip;
  • Contract Runtime improved loading of the contract by 25-30% by switching deserialization to borsh;
  • Contract Runtime fixed one of the Wasmer 2.0 bugs which is important to allow transition to faster VM;
  • Node Experience are making steady improvements for Nayduck and integration tests;
  • Developer Platform prepared 4.0.0-pre.1 Rust SDK pre-release;
  • Chain has added a support for making number of shards dynamic across epochs, several PRs are underway;
  • Network team has investigated security concerns in Kademlia;
  • Wallet disabled 2FA SMS for Vietnam;
  • Wallet team are also experimenting with 8+2 days sprints;

Challenges and Blockers

  • Rust SDK release might be potentially delayed by introducing builder pattern that will make life of Contract Runtime and Transaction Runtime teams easier, see here;
  • We found out that new function call is dramatically more expensive than what we thought before. Investigation is underway. It is likely related to our new method of estimation;

Full Reports