Engagers Information and Application

Engagers chart bounty (According to hierarchy).

This is a one stop Chart where you can see all task/content and their rewards per task, from this chart you can know the bounty attached to the activities you’re doing according to your level of hierarchy on our DAO.

Whatever task you’re engaged on the bounty price are listed below and it’s best to know your level before carrying out bounties

Apply Now limited slots (45seats) for the month of April.

Please Read details before Applying for a role namaste :pray:

Novice and Lancer


Note :

  • Before posting any content make sure your twitter is connected to the BOS, connect your twitter through wormhole {https://near.org/wormhole3.near/widget/Wormhole3.Twitter} and only post with “#BOS, near” would be counted as a task.
  • Prepare PoE (Prove of Engagement) to better approve your application.

Bounty and Chart for Novice & Lancers from the chart you can know activities you’re allowed to do as a novice or lancer and rewards attached to activities.

##Engagers Tiers & Hierarchy

This document is to clearly display the Tiers of engagers according to hierarchy and levels.

All members of Freelancer DAO have their roles and responsibilities to carry out as part of the community.

NearLancers : These Freelancer Members are patriotic Members who’ve decided to support the Freelancer Community with engagement and show huge concern and participation in all our activities.

Engagers : Dedicated Freelancer that a qualified to promote Near, NDC and Freelancer DAO to get max outreach and awareness to prospect users.

Engagers tiers and seats

Engagers seats (slot) Max Earn
Novice 20 100$
Lancers 15 200$
FDAO Ambassadors (10)
Meme King 1 350$
Storm raiders 3 300$
Researcher 2 300$
Comic & Animations 4 500$

Total seats = 45

Calc= 20(100$) + 15(200$) + 2(300$) + 4(500) +3(300$) +1(350$)

=2000$ + 3000$ + 600$ +2000$ + 900$

= 8500$

Novice : These are Members dedicated to start the journey of promoting and creating awareness about NDC and Near related topics by choosing a bounty from the “Engager bounty chart”.

Responsibility & information about Novice

  • Fill the Freelancer’s form or show interest to join
  • Get a Non Fungible tokens to be eligible to earn a bounty
  • Max of 100$ for all bounty in a month
  • Choose bounties from a Novice bounty chart
  • Read all documents and understand the Freelancer DAO.
  • Learn about Near and NDC

Criteria To get paid

  • Intuitive and well constructed quote post by a novice
  • Meet up 10k Impressions on twitter in a month
  • Been active on our socials
  • Meets 100 tx on Near Social and at least interact with 2 DApps which would be tracked on pikespeak
  • Have a NEARLancer (Novice) NFT

Lancer : These are NearLancers who have seen the duty of a Lancer and are ready to meet up the target and responsibility of a lancer

Responsibility & information about Lancer

  • Should have proper understanding and bearings with near DApps and guide people on how to open wallets and interact on chain
  • Max of 200$ for all bounty in a month
  • Choose bounties from “Lancer” bounty chart
  • Help and direct New Members in the Ecosystem to create wallet and interact with DApps

Criteria To get paid

  • Well Constructive contents/Articles properly used tags and mentions
  • Meet 20k Impressions on twitter in a month
  • Being active on NDC channels and Freelancers channel
  • Interact with at least 3-4 DApps and meet up 200tx which would be tracked on pikespeak
  • Have a NEARLancer (Lancer) NFT


  • Don’t post unprofessionally at least 1 or 2 post daily and have a time gap of at least every 4 hours before posting another Near Related post.
  • You must agree to this condition before doing any task, that 50% of your pay is dependent on meeting the “Criteria to get paid or monthly target” every level has 5 criteria to get paid and 10% would be deducted from your pay if you don’t meet a criteria and the other 50% is sure from your “engagers bounty chart”.

Fdao Ambassador.

This set/ group of people would be changed or tested to a competition to retain or change their position to improve or get the best.

These changes or competition would occur Quarterly to create room or opportunities for Lead Engagers role.

Meme King :crown:

Meme king is a person who has provided a track record as the king of memes either through a meme competition or portfolio.

This meme would be originally created by this individual and should be unique and funny I mean extraordinary.

Criteria to becoming a Meme King :crown:

  • Own an Ambassador NFT (Clown :clown_face: )
  • Proven worthy by winning a meme competition or good previous experience
  • Iam human Verified
  • Above 500+ followers on twitter (x)
  • Average of 300-1000 impressions per meme post

Report (Expectation)

Report should be a solid and well detailed write up of how you went about with your role and what you have achieved at the end of the month.


  • Post funny and educative memes about NEAR and updates on events going on around the ecosystem.
  • Create memes and make comments on popular influencers posts to gain traction and high impressions.
  • Post memes on BOS
  • Lecture the Community how to make several types of memes (either through a thread post or a call)

target monthly

  • Above 30k impressions on twitter (x)
  • Onchain transactions 150 tx (would be tracked on Pikespeak)
  • At Least 50% average post to meet up 300-500 impressions.
  • 40-50 Near related memes mostly on twitter connected using wormhole to be reflected on BOS to improve onchain tx
  • Prove of educating the community

Storm raider.

Storm raiders are selected professional individuals who would carefully shill and promote Near related events, updates, news and activities to be engaged on.

They’re expected to talk about NEAR activities on popular influencers’ comment sections and also post amazing updates about Near on their page on BOS and twitter.

Criteria to become a Storm raider

  • Proof of an influencer ( good impression, active twitter account, good Twitter engagement, interaction with other twitter accounts and influencers, good social and communicative skills)
  • Knowledge about Near and intellect of activities going around in the Ecosystem.
  • Be IAH verified
  • Own a storm raider NFT

Monthly Target

    • 50k Impressions on Twitter
  • Onchain tx 150 transactions a month
  • An average of 400-1000 impressions and massive engagement on your post or your comments on influencers post
  • Own an Ambassador NFT (Ranger)


  • Marketing NEAR on popular influencers page and comment section
  • Vast Knowledge about NEAR and NDC
  • Educate the Community how to use Twitter and how to connect to influencers by reaching broader audience through comments etc (you can educate using calls, thread post or whichever convenient way preferably)
  • Crafty skills on how to comment and persuade people to participate on Near or educate people about the Ecosystem.
  • Knowledge about Twitter, Popular influencers and the algorithm on how twitter operates

Researcher (Fundamental Analysis)

A Pro in project analyzing and deep researching , track record of teaching researching or proof of a researcher.
Good in and fundamental Analysis

Criteria to become an researcher

  • Must be good in Research Analysis and FA in trading.
  • A pro in getting ecosystem updates, doing deep dives to new token and create awareness about it
  • Must pass the interview.
  • Own An Ambassador NFT (Doctor )

Monthly Target

  • Atleast 2 posts about project tokenomics and details about the project & 3 FA weekly likely to be a thread post about NDC projects and what they’re building , making 20 posts monthly (post should look professional).
  • 40k impressions on twitter.
  • 1 presentation or participate in teaching about how to become a good researcher and factors to consider while researching.
  • 100tx onchain.


  • For easy work flow, work with core contributors to validate research and work with research tables and provide feedback due to research.
  • Impressive knowledge about making research and fundamental analysis
  • Provide eye catching tweet likely thread or a single tweet to gain impressions
  • Work hand in hand with founders when posting to get reliable information
  • Don’t forget posting meme coin charts and other Near related projects as long as it’s related to candle charts, but avoid price analysis

Comic Animator.

Special part of an Ambassador that focuses on creative story lines about NEAR and NDC in video and creative storytelling designs.

Criteria to become a comic animator

  • Proof of an comic designs and animations
  • Knowledge about Near and intellect of activities going around in the Ecosystem.
  • Be IAH verified
  • Own a storm raider NFT

Monthly Target

    • 40k Impressions and 4 Animation 12 comics on Twitter
  • Onchain tx 100 transactions a month
  • An average of 300-500 impressions and massive engagement on your comic and animation.
  • Own an Ambassador NFT (Artist)


  • 1 animation and 3 comic story weekly
  • Vast Knowledge about NEAR and NDC
  • Interesting story line
  • Creative work on how to comment and persuade people to participate on Near or educate people about the Ecosystem.
  • Knowledge about Twitter, how to get engagement and also how to make constructive thread post.

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