Election Marketing Timeline from the GWG for the NDC

Hey community,

I want to share the Election Marketing Timeline to share the scope of our work in the GWG (marcom team, me and @RussLive215). We have been busy developing both the plan and the assets within the Degen WG, Marcom WG and with players in the community to ensure the following:

  1. A clear timeline to hit the critical numbers of 3000 onboarded humans to IAMHUMAN and to get 500 people to vote in the elections

  2. That we have bounties and clear programs to involve the community at a creative level (writing, images, and videos) to help drive content creation

  3. Ensure that Russ and I are working in tandem with all the many players driving the NDC.

Please see below. We’d love your feedback. I will also be sharing our GTM later for it’s very extensive and we want your ideas and engagement.

Thank you! – Sarah

Election Marketing Timeline

Duration: July 20 - September 22, 2023

Objective: Drive awareness, engagement, and participation in the election process through strategic marketing initiatives between GWG, Marcom WG and Community.

Key Dates:

  • Nominations: July 20 - September 7
  • Elections: September 8 - September 22

Marketing Team Core KPIs:

  • Onboard 3,000 IAMHUMAN users.
  • Get 500 individuals to vote in the election.
  • Achieve 70% attendance for the next Constellation Summit.
  • Increase social media following by 50%.
  • Enhance community involvement in the Marketing of elections by 75%.

Sub KPIs for Marcom (Marketing Communications):

  • Publish 2 press releases.
  • Conduct 2 analyst meetings in Q3.
  • Brief 3 members of the press in Q3.
  • Develop a new framework for product announcements, usable by the community.
  • Create a call-to-action (CTA) for the community to produce videos about the elections, utilizing the Avatar campaign framework.
  • 3 major events in the quarter (ETH CC, Near Apac, ?)

Election Education: July 20 - September 7

Community activation for creative/product marketing:

CTA to the community to help to “Get out the vote!” through Defi, NFT, WGs:

  • Create videos for the community about themes and avatars for 3 houses, issues and candidates
  • Bounty education for the community to be compensated by Community Treasury (writing, videos)
  • Promote Election Innovation Technology of the NDC to promote viral shares, content, WOM about the impact of V1 being the biggest decentralization campaign on any Layer1
  • Community voice and engagement for polls to drive awareness through engagement mechanisms

Avatar Campaign: Launch July 17

Implement an educational campaign to drive sign-ups for IAM, encourage people to run for office, and promote voter participation. Produced by GWG and members of Marcom WG (gigs for community)

  • Market the three houses using a “choose your own adventure” approach to generate viral education about the election process.
  • KPI: Onboard 3,000 IAM users, secure 500 voters, and attract individuals to run as candidates for each house.
  • Develop Avatar campaign language, visual style and CTA documents for various mediums (videos, GIFs, social media posts).
  • Create specially designed GIFs and collateral for in-person events.( Infographics, poster, flyers, stickers, t-shirts, banner, ect)
  • Produce viral videos (1-2 minutes) covering avatars, nominees, issues, voting instructions, and Election Innovation Tech.
  • Write medium posts on topics such as Campaign Rules of the Road, Nominee Spotlights, and Platform highlights.
  • Conduct AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions and Spaces on platforms like NF (Near Forum), NEAR AT NIGHT, and NEAR WEEK (twice a week).

“Election Season”: Eta per final call for candidates TO September 20

Drive and amplify all candidates, issues, and platforms and drive 500 people to vote. Produced by GWG and members of Marcom WG (gigs for the community)

  • Provide support to candidates and amplify voting efforts to achieve the KPI of 500 voters.
  • Host AMAs twice a week, including debates.
  • Produce videos featuring candidate profiles, discussions on issues and solutions, and memes to remind people to vote.
  • Utilize the Avatar campaign language and CTA documents for various mediums (videos, GIFs, social media posts).

Product Marketing: Q3 per new marketing director

Drive adoption of IAM by 3,000 users and promote the adoption of election-related technology leading to 500 voters.

CTA for the community to WRITE and CREATE VIDEOS for product announcements and 101 for regions in multiple languages.

  • Execute production of 250-500-1000 word posts, including:
    • 1000 Humans formal announcement. DONE
    • OG (SBT) post. DONE
    • Kudos post.
    • Election Tech Overview with Jane (market in advance). 80% Complete
    • Proof of vibes.
    • Op-Ed piece by Ozy. 80% Complete
    • Nominate - Nominate Yourself.
    • Blog post featuring 1500 IAM users. DONE
    • Astro DAO on NEAR Social BOS (8/31 Dashboard launch with backend).
    • Transparency Funding Dashboard/Tech (Post Election).


Events are aimed to drive new and existing community to onboard to IAH and to get 500 people to vote

  • Conduct onboarding sessions for IAM users and voting procedures.
  • KPI: Onboard 3,000 IAM users.
  • Utilize the “Man on the Streets” approach to capture public opinion about elections, NDC (Near Developer Conference), and viral humor.
  • 3 Major Events (Eth CC, APAC)
  • 5 Community SBTs launched (Proof of Regen, Proof of Vibes, Community SBT)

Media Relations:

Support awareness KPIs and influence voters to perceive the election as an innovative and crucial event. WOM KPI.

  • Pitch the election’s technological innovation and governance as a first-of-its-kind on a layer1 platform.
  • Engage with 10 analysts, 3 analyst meetings to NDC as innovation movement with press.
  • Pitch 350 members of the press to write, cover, mention, and share information about the election, 8 pieces printed.

If you can think it, you can achieve it.

Amazing plans.

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