Ecosystem Fund - Grants and Incentives: Metrics


I am doing some research for my blog and I hope this is the right place to pose this question.

I am doing some research for an article I am writing comparing different ecosystem funds. I was wondering if someone might be able to show me the best place to see information on NEAR’s programs including:

  • Prior to the Ecosystem Fund I was told that $45M in grants were sent. Is there anywhere where the previous list of ~120 or so grantees for the $45M is housed?

  • How much of the allocated $800M in funding has been used or consumed to date?

  • Can you provide names and consumption totals for projects who have received incentives?

  • Can you give me some additional details on governance? Specifically who are the decision makers at NEAR foundation that review and approve funding for projects?

Some of this information was posted on a Notion site I found but I wasn’t sure if it is current and who maintains the site (accuracy)

If someone might be able to help with any information on this front I would greatly appreciate it. You can find a link to my research site below if interested:

  • Sov


Have forwarded this over to the gang in charge of all things grants and incentives. Should imagine someone will be here to respond soon :muscle:


Thanks for your help. I have my initial article on this topic written and ready to go so if someone can help with these questions I can finalize and maybe send to a member of the grants team to review for accuracy before publishing. Excited to get this completed and sent out … thanks for the help!

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This is quite interesting.

I believe it is the grant team. They are reporting at every NEAR Town Hall. Feel free to search for NEAR Town Hall on Youtube tho.

I think this datas will not be able to be publicly shared since it might violate privacy rights to avoid other competitors within the Crypto Space.

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Thanks for your responses here and the interest in my research. I am close to finishing the article and look forward to sending it out as soon as I can confirm a few of these answers (if possible).

FYI … my article is published on this and link is below. If any corrections or additions please let me know. I couldn’t wait any longer as I need to move on in my research but appreciate the help here.