DevRel TPS report WE: 26-Feb-2021

:nazar_amulet: DevRel Weekly Updates Thread :nazar_amulet:

  • Progress (last week)
  • Priorities (for next week)
  • Blockers


  • made diagram slides for Matt for his preso on Wed
  • helped Mally with a new form of note taking for user interviews in Airtable
  • helped Cameron with the dev list, syncing again on this shortly


  • Dev List with Cameron
  • Providing support to those who need it on DevRel with automations, ect.
  • Reading up on Matt’s example apps here: NEAR App Examples · GitHub so that I can producitze them
  • NExt week planning to sync with Mally re: Culture interviews


  • none


  • hello decentralization rocked
  • BP talk went well
  • “code example review” efforts are exciting
  • fungible token examples done
  • onboarding diagrams of sub account flow done


  • clean up on near-apps
  • clean up the devrel project board
  • continue to work on process 1 pagers and “what we can offer”


  • comms and alignment with others and their projects - would like to see everyone pulling in the same direction, finding ways to work together vs. running off starting random projects they think are cool - let’s increase “how can I help” vs. “take toys and leave”

Priorities (next week):
-finish standard NEAR history
-narrative with Peter
-finalize DevRel content strategy
-finish dev team alignment work with Yulian, establish next steps
-finalize research script
-onboard to Dovetail
-user onboarding story
-write about onboarding users

Progress (this week):
-finished internal dev-facing interviews to align on feedback/prioritization
-delivered character personas (w/ Yulian) for user research
-Crypto Valley article
-NEAR dev positioning work

-why are there not more hours in the day!

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  • wrapped up NCD week v1
  • final push on NEAR Academy, to be released within 1-2 wks


  • capture feedback from NCD
  • overhaul course as needed for next iteration on March 8
  • wrap NEAR Academy for launch


  • none
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  • Progress (last week)

    • began recording assets for blockheads music app
    • working on summary sheets for core contract tutorials
    • finished onboarding document in dev rel
    • updated stack overflow with
    • learned about feedback tools and airtable tutorials
    • made plan to meet with young entrepreneurs in Portland with Mike Purvis for a video collab
  • Priorities (for next week)

    • continue making assets for music app videos
    • finishing up core contract summary sheets
  • Blockers

    • learning rust
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Here is the update for last week, which I sent it to Asia team on Monday. let’s also sync here.

Progress in the Week of 2021/02/22:

  1. Build: working with two partners on NEAR integration
  2. UX: Wallet Issues in China: follow up fixing wallet issues
  3. Community: NEAR Developer Docs Translation: worked with community 1st version in test environment:
  4. Education: NEAR Certified Developer Program: Q/A and feedback collection
  5. Community: CN Guilds operation and motivation strategy (with Angela)
  6. Community: technical posts proof reading: Development update, NEAR EVM update, EVM Rollout Plan, Certified Developer post

Priorities in the Week of 2021/03/01:

  1. Build: complete the testing version of NEAR integration with one parnter
  2. UX: Wallet Issues, SDK design, etc.
  3. Community: NEAR Developer Docs Translation: work with community for translation and proof reading
  4. Education: NEAR Certified Developer Program: feedback and improvement plan with Sherif
  5. Community: Technical posts proof reading for Bridge, etc.
  6. Event: prepare Bridge / interoperability presentation with Conflux


  1. Need to review the design of NEAR integration with one partner
  2. Need to confirm the plan of Bridge talk / workshop with Conflux