[dApps concern] Repeated login on single wallets

Hello community!
I have noticed that there could be repeated login from a single wallet on dApps built on the ecosystem given that the browser or device used is different.
My concern is that can’t there a system that is able to keep in record a NEAR wallet that is already logged on to any dApps on NEAR?

With initial 0.25 NEAR being charged for gas on all dApps, imagine one person loging severally from different browsers or devices.

Also for security reasons, can dApps ask users to logout existing devices before allowing log in of same wallet on a different device?

I so much love the idea with NEARDROP, where the seed phrase is used to prevent constant login from different devices without it…

Can someone share more to make me understand?

0.25 NEAR is never charged for logging,that access key just ask for Authorization to spend upto 0.25 NEAR in gas fees :v:

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Used wrong English.
Editing it now.
…btw, you spoke about what i meant

As @Kv9990 mentions, nothing is charged here

Hello @David_NEAR the part of the charges is cleared.

The major concern is having same wallet log in a dApp same time from different browsers or devices.

What do you think the issue here is?

What i am asking is that; for example if i login on ref.finance with my wallet address from device A, given that i am still logged in, when i want to login ref.finance with same wallet address on device B, isn’t there a mechanism that would let me know that same wallet is already logged in on ref?

That is, the situation where same wallet can’t be logged in same dApp at the same time from different devices or browser…

I wouldn’t think of ‘log-ins’ the same way as you might with Web2.

Rather, think of it has having your wallet connected, rather than being ‘logged in’.

You can frame it like MetaMask, you can have a hundred devices with the same Ethereum wallet on MM, each with their wallet connected to the same dApp.

It doesn’t present the same security issues as it would in a Web2 service AFAIK

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Thanks @David_NEAR, i understand better now.

Have found it difficult explaining to newbies in the past.

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