DAO Rewards for Voters in Meta Pool's Governance [May, 2024]

Hello, NEAR Community!

Francisco here from the Marketing Team at Meta Pool

Meta Pool’s governance is evolving to reward active participation.

I want to share the latest distribution of protocol fees for the mpDAO Holders who have participated in voting for Validators. On June 10th, mpDAO Grants will be live again, in this new round you will able to cast your votes to support global proposals.

Total Protocol Fees collected during May 2024

26,367.00 stNEAR (~ 261,259.90 USD)

Distributed on June 3, 2024:

  • Paid to Voters (65%)
    17,139.00 stNEAR (~ 169,823.40 USD)

  • DAO Operations (25%)
    6,592.00 stNEAR (~ 65,317.45 USD)

  • Add to Grants Fund (10%)
    2,636.00 stNEAR (~ 26,119.05 USD)

If you are a voter on the Ethereum Network, link a NEAR account and claim your rewards:
How to delegate an Ethereum account?

Learn more about how to acquire mpDAO and participate in the Meta Pool’s Governance
How to get mpDAO - Uniswap

Happy Claiming!


Huge rewards!!! Bravooo

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Meta Pool showing with facts that it is a DAO that fulfills its commitment to supporting the community to carry out impact projects in each context. :muscle:

So juicy reward, thanks Meta Pool