Cypherpunk Guild Monthly Report [December, 2022]

From our last meeting on the 18th of November we decided the following:

  • Interrupt our grant program until the market recovers
  • Focus on brand development
  • Keep supporting projects that received our funding

Ongoing activities

  • Unicrow launch (9th of January, expected date)

  • Incognito launch (done)
    The Incognito team has deployed the NEAR<>Incognito bridge announcing its release on the 1st of December. They are currently working on the Aurora<>Incognito bridge.They had launched it mainnet but had to pause it because of some bugs. By the end of December/beginning of January these bugs should be addressed and they will be ready to announce its launch. At the same time they are also working on the Trisolaris integration.

  • Critical Tech Series
    We are working on a Medium series to be published biweekly that discusses the relationship between technology and society in a critical way. The introduction to the series was published at the end of December: Critical Tech — A New CPG Series! | by Cypherpunk Guild | Dec, 2022 | Medium

  • Privacy Group
    We are continuing to engage with the Privacy on NEAR group to sync on marketing activities and events. Currently, we are working on a twitter space schedule.