Creation of Music NFt and Mentorship for 7 fresh creatives

Creation of Music NFt and Mentorship for 7 new fresh creatives

There are so many young talented musicians in Nigeria that are confused on how to kickstart their career, some of them don’t have the capital, and some don’t have an idea on how to kickstart their career, so we will be making one song each for 7 artist with very good graphic design which we believe is a very good way to start and launch their career as musicians.
We will also be providing mentorship from time to time to the artist
we have a home studio studio with studio equipments where all recording will take place
we also intend to buy a new studio mic for better recording and quality sound from artiste
we will also give each artiste 20$ in Near
We will be minting their songs in our Music store.

Budget for recording, mixing , mastering and graphics for each song ,
200$ per artist for 7 artist .: 1400$
20$ reward for 7 artist : 140$
purchase of studio mic : 400$

total budget : 1,940 dollars.

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Hey @larkim, since the scope of this proposal is align with NxM. I would like to invite you to introduce them to the space of NxM to avoid doubling in funding purpose.

Hi @williamx ,
This is one of the mandate of young fresh dao, an autonomous community and the objective of this project is to onboard fresh artistes that has never recorded a track; thus it does not align with the objective of any other community.

Thanks for the proposal Larkim. If the goal is to educate and onboard new artists, I agree with @williamx. The best place for new and fresh artists would be to become acclimated with NxM. There, they could learn and become more involved in the music community. Mentorship is important, but from the perspective of self-sustainability for the DAO, it doesnt make a lot of sense to me to begin investing budgets into artists that haven’t already taken the initiative to invest in themselves, first. In addition, NxM is also creating a more educational environment for new artists to be able to learn, grow and become involved in the music community.

Thank you for you response @rhymetaylor ,
I will like to break it down once again for clarity
Young fresh dao is a growing community, building a unique store with music only from fresh artistes in campuses in Nigeria.
we have a mini studio for recording, that gives us a physical contact and connection with artist during recording process.
We are building a cataloge of first ever recorded songs from artist,which also makes it their first NFt, ( this makes all music NfTs on our store a unique one and most likely to be purchased by investors In the future.
Our community is fast growing with over 200 members already in 2months and as we all know the value of NFt also depends strongly on the growth of a community
Artist from our community are open to collaborate with Nxm artist in the future in creating Nfts and events to grow the ecosystem, but bringing our contents to Nxm store will not be healthy for our community.
I hope I am able to bring more clarity to the discussion. Thank you @rhymetaylor :white_heart:

I think its great you’re creating an environment to grow for new artists and I’m not suggesting to mint your NFTs on the NxM store. Its cool youre creating your own marketplace for them. I do believe the budding community and the select artists you are looking to work with in this project, would do well to make an introduction to NxM though.

Yes @rhymetaylor
we will officially introduce our artist to the NXm community to also benefits from the education ,mentorship and monthly project grants from nxm.
I will make an official message in respect to that.
I will send you a private message and we can talk about possible future collaborations from Young fresh dao and Nxm community.:white_heart:

Hi @larkim, can you be more specific about what can be expected and the rationales behind funding 7 new people who are not a member of the ecosystem. I don’t totally against as it is a good idea to onboard potential artists, however this kind of proposal need to be very details about who is going to receive those fund and how you select the candidates.

A similar proposal that I think can be a good example with sufficient information of recipient:

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Thank you so much @williamx.

The idea of this recording is to create a market place specially for fresh artistes who are just starting their career and have never recorded a song in the studio before, as this will be their first music NFt .
These will also introduce new creatives to the ecosystem
All songs on the store will be a unique collection of the first ever recorded song by the artist, we want to create a store where all songs are special NFts for collectors ( first ever time the artist record in the studio).

Investors will buy NfTs to support and encourage the career of the artist and our community

The creation process of the songs are going to be monitored by me and the engineers involved.
Artist are going to be scouted and selected arround my locality.
200 $ is going to be allocated for the production , graphics ,mixing and mastering of the each song.
Each artist will also get a 20$ bounty.

These are the music producers involved in the process.


These are the NFt of the artist that was selected from last month.

koko on Mintbase.

Thank you @williamx :white_heart: