Community Team: Week of Dec 13, 2021

Happy Monday!
:timer_clock: One more week of focused work is getting us closer to the end of the year.

:point_right: This week we have the End of Year townhall :star_struck: let’s make sure to block the time in our calendar —updates not to be missed!


  • Q4 OKRs deliverables / unblock challenges to deliver.
  • Q12022 OKRs first draft to be completed this week
  • Share the Guilds Grant Program details in Forum
  • Complete the review of the first wave applicants for the GGP


  • Community Onboarding project with @Jessica: copy of the website, guild wizard, guild stories, guild onboarding support.
  • OWS Onboarding process/Roadmap feedback


  • EOY Community Video Script
  • Sankore2 Roadmap/African incubator partnership


  • Develop a Forum Playbook for the Community/Sherpas
  • Begin the creation of Forum focused documentation + encourage Guild/DAO leaders to contribute
  • Begin expanding Wiki documentation
  • Start to consider potential goals for Q1


  • Wiki Development Plan
  • Support Jess with Guild Wiki contributions
  • NEAR Governance Forum Revamp - Action point publication(s)


  • Onboard MarketingDAO members
  • (Potentially) Onboard more Forum Sherpas


  • Setup subteam syncs with moderators
  • Discuss Guilds Categorization and recent changes in Guild Office Hours
  • Start filing for invoices and additional payout proposals before the year ends
  • Request an update from the mods about recent forum moderation
  • Onboard final batch of immersion applicants
  • Explore the mechanics of Community Rewards (mods + community channels)
  • Research about Guild Recruitment
  • Sync with GuildOps-Mods to check on Guild activities we can amplify
  • Understanding how Projects get supported by NEAR Foundation, which projects aren’t in our repo?
  • What weekly reports for all moderator subteams would look like (internally and externally)

Other General duties:

  • Sync with Olga for Trello, Swarming, etc
  • Support Jess for Guild Operations (Marketing, Data, Survey, Dec 17 office hours)
  • Review and approve marketing DAO proposals
  • Continue scheduling Guild support syncs with Guild Leaders
  • Disseminating marketing announcements to the community


  • Tidy up pending user interviews ( painpoints of guilds onboarding.)
  • Review ux Audit with Jake and prioritise low effort/high impact changes to structure and content for community pages.
  • Draft prototype with tracking events for community pages.


  • Usual copper flow maintenance plus edits to the form to cater for ooo Christmas period.
  • David and WIKI content check-in.


  • Plan and promote office hours agenda for this Friday
  • Send out first Guilds newsletter today Sync with JC for final content.
  • Collect final results of NPS survey.


  • Post about The New Stage of DAO Verticals here on the Forum - this is one of the preliminary materials that will lay the foundation for the Guilds Grant Program & new payout process - done

  • Further Q1 OKR planning with @Grace @shreyas to the point where it can then be shared for internal Community team feedback - draft done

  • Presenting for feedback from Erik & Illia our new draft payout process options starting in January to publicize (ideally) next week before the team goes on holidays from Dec. 24 - Jan. 3 - presentation complete


  • Assist with drafting 2 Forum posts - 1 presenting the new Guilds tiering system, the other going into detail of the Guilds Grant Program - for posting by @Grace - first post complete

  • Update Copper contact info for all Guilds (related to payout process) - FYI @Jessica @shreyas @jcatnear please share any new Google Sheet tracking docs with me with Guild contact info so it can be consolidated into Copper [carry-over from last week] - was unable to complete


  • Assisting FLO team (Zana primarily) with retroactive data gathering for all Community payouts [carry-over from last week] - will need to continue as Copper data is lacking

  • Airmeet ‘how-to’ & Guilds Dashboard walk-through Loom videos [carry-over from last week] - Airmeet is complete and Dashboard will need to push to next week

  • Participate in OWS AMA (Dec. 15), Guild Office Hours (Dec. 17) & Concierge Service Initiative community moderator interview(s) (Dec. 17) -done



Swarming :

  • Receive feedback from the team
  • Incorporate team feedback into the process doc
  • Draft a Forum post for NEAR Swarming

Marketing requests

  • Receive feedback from the team
  • Incorporate team feedback into the process doc


  • Sync w/ JC for Trello, Swarming, etc.
  • Sync w/ Marketing, Ecosystem, ES team for supporting the projects




  • OKR Planning with Grace and Rebecca.
  • Guild platform phase 1 delivery and roadmap review.
  • Reviewing and onboarding new guilds that have filled in the application form.
  • Member onboarding plan for the new guilds platform.


  • NEAR India documentary


  • Support Jess and JC on pending initiatives.
  • Onramp plan for guilds to the platform- Jess, Rebecca and JC

Note: Will be OOO from 16-20.


Owned / Priorities

  • Regional & Local Guild Events
    • finalize branding: NEAR Meet vs. NEAR Meetups
    • plan + promote virtual / global webinar 2021-12-19T05:00:00Z
    • organize DAOcember party in Brooklyn with PolyOne Studios
  • NEAR @ ETHDenver 2022
    • start forum discussion
    • meet with Yadira + Josh
    • coordinate with ETHDenver sponsorship team
  • explore Research DAOs
    • identify questions related to specific DAOs
    • talk with potential multi-DAO coordinators
  • support development of the Governauts community
    • attend final presentations and look ahead to phase 3 (more info)
    • clarify purpose, vision(s), missions of this Governauts DAO on Astro
  • respond to new forum topics


  • continue to experiment with DragoNEAR as our equivalent of MetaGame
  • share Astro DAO stats app + Moonbase :rocket:


  • launch a Multi-DAO Research Group that involves Governauts
  • build momentum toward some kind of big event in Q2 (Open Web DAO)
  • clarify meaning of guilds and evolve our DAO verticals into “Ecosystem DAOs”

Amazing! Looking forward for your feedback. :slight_smile: