[Suggestion] Assistants for all NEAR core team members

With the growth of NEAR which everyone of us here will attest to, and having engaged in a few ways within the community, I have come up with this suggestion.

That NEAR core members have assistants to help in booking meetings and handling lessons weightier matters. Why do I say so.

It is evident that booking of calls, having multiple meetings everyday can be stressing and to a point reduce productivity. By this, a few people will get involved and things will become easier for us all.

I appreciate the core team for their productivity from day one. Also its time to reduce weight and get work faster.

We will all see that towards every big event from each section, it’s hard to have full access to core team members.

If @Community-Squad sees this worthy of consideration.

Thanks to all.


Howdy :wave:

LOVE how proactive this is :100:

However, from my personal POV, this isn’t something that is too necessary. I think, for the most part, the NEAR Core team manages to juggle their workload pretty well.

That being said, I do take solace in the fact that we have such an incredible Community, and team of Community Moderators, that are seemingly there at the flick of a switch.

You guys are all legends! :heart:

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Yes Sir.
Like I said, sometimes reaching the Core members takes times especially when events are at hand. Someone in the loop just to assist with little duties (like secretary kind of duties) will be good.

The Community Moderators are really doing great.

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Hey, @IgbozeIsrael — In addition to what @David_NEAR said, I’d like to say that the NEAR core team members have been doing an awesome job and has been up to the task. See reference: Community Team: Week of Dec 13, 2021

Also, it is up to every core team member to decide if they’d need an assistant or not :slightly_smiling_face:


Great. Just thought I make suggestion

They’re are really doing great.


Thank you, it was a great one! Don’t be shy to make more in the future, the Community love to hear them :100: