Community Squad Weekly Update: 9 August 2021

August 2-9

Here is another weekly update from the NEAR Community Squad:

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Governance Update

Ecosystem Metrics | Sputnik DAO Stats

Community Squad DAO

Last Week: 18,443 NEAR

10 Approved Proposals

Total Distributed: 131,309 NEAR

65 Approved Proposals / 87 Total

Active Proposals

20000 NEAR to creatives.sputnikdao.near for a monthly payout to the Creative Guilds:

123 NEAR to fritzwagner.near for making landing pages:

550 NEAR to cizi31.near for the monthly budget of NEAR Turkey Guild:

7100 NEAR to near_india_guild.sputnikdao.near for the monthly budget of NEAR India Guild:

Recent Proposals

APPROVED ~ 10000 NEAR to china_charity_dao.sputnik.near to support victims of severe flooding in China’s Henan province:

APPROVED ~ 43.5 NEAR to near_india_guild.sputnikdao.near and 43.5 NEAR to neararabia.sputnikdao.near for Town Hall referral rewards:

APPROVED ~ 1500 NEAR to sandbox.sputnikdao.near for additional payouts to OWS contributors:

APPROVED ~ 2000 NEAR to nearweek.near for their monthly budget:

APPROVED ~ 2000 NEAR to art.sputnikdao.near for a grant program to support creative people:

APPROVED ~ 2380 NEAR to sue.near for a monthly payout to the NEAR Reddit Ops Team (requested an additional 380 NEAR per month to allow them to do AMA payouts internally):

APPROVED ~ 149 NEAR to icebear.near for coding the landing page of Astro:

APPROVED ~ 162 NEAR to samlwtn.near to form a DAO, launch a social token, and manage the community for a record label with 20,000 followers:

APPROVED ~ 165 NEAR to portuguese.sputnikdao.near for the Portuguese Guild’s monthly distribution from June (accidentally targeted an inexistent account in previous attempt):

Updates from the Squad

Q3 Objectives and Key Results for MarCom Team

Proposal: NEAR Community Guidelines

Development: v2 Sputnik DAO Platform (Astro)

Our Team

We are here to share key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. Transparency is crucial for accountability and governance. Click here to see all weekly updates from the Community Squad.

Council Members: @chloe @3UN1C3 @grace @jcatnear @jlwaugh @JMaenen @mecsbecs @norah.near @ross @shreyas @starpause @David_NEAR

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MetaBUIDL Hackathon Starts August 27

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Hiring PM for NEAR Ecosystem Treasury DAO

Open Web Sandbox

Guide for Claiming Rewards:

Contribute To NEAR Ecosystem WIki

DeFi Wizards Guild

NEAR Warzone Showcases

Upcoming Events: August 29 and September 26

Open DeFi DAO Hackathon (Sponsored by NEAR)

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Last Week:

  • Supported the growth of the NEARverse Portal IA and the formation of the new Community BUIDLers Guild! Kudos to @blaze for getting this off the ground so quickly and thoroughly: Community BUIDLers Guild - NEARVerse Portal (aka Wiki) - #3 by mecsbecs
  • Presented DAO Verticals and the upcoming Creatives Community Forum event at the Open Web Sandbox AMA - 46 mins of delight if I do say so myself!
  • Talked Hackathon and Hack Nodes
  • Finished the prep and executed the first Creatives Community Forum event on Saturday - event report and recording to come here
  • AMA Playbook support with @ross taking ownership

ACTION ITEMS for this week:

  • work with personal contact to turn around the Q2 Guilds Survey data into proper visual representations and data insights for NPS Index and Guilds Program next steps development [URGENT]
  • MarComm Q3 OKRs Bi-weekly Reporting: Aug 09 — need to source the data to help make up the Total Power Rating of the Guild Community to match our O1 for Q3
  • OWS document set up for branding strategy, KYC/legal work, mentorship programme & Catalyst use case, meme (cc: @Sofia_Alum)
  • Hack Node support to @norah.near — focus on Lisboa with @chloe!
  • Complete event reporting and wrap-up for the Creatives Community Forum event
  • Creatives Guild/DAO Hackathon bounty set-up support to @chloe
  • further team Copper CRM resources as a result of this week’s meetings where more of a ‘project hand-off’ project is decided between MarCom and Ecosystem Success (looking forward to these conversations with @jbeezy @MarcusNEAR @ispytodd et al) - will get up some more info on our Notion page once these processes are clarified!
  • support the creation and publishing of the AMA Playbook (cc: @ross) and the Hackathon Playbook (cc: @chloe) onto the Community OS Wiki → NEAR Wiki