Community Squad Weekly Update: 21 June 2021

Hi NEARverse!

We are happy to report on key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. There are so many exciting updates to share!

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Let us know any feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Following the new template requested, here is my weekly update:


  • OKRs: Transform Ourselves - Easy Onramp & Hack Awareness - Visible Guilds:

    1. Organized and hosted the first Open Web Sandbox party with ~50 attendees, which operated as the program’s relaunch. The Sandbox Discord server has ~1,000 members (a week before the party membership was ~600 members). Thanks again to the team and community for their support!
    2. Worked with the MarCom team (@shreyas @3UN1C3 @jcatnear in particular) to re-envision how the new Copper CRM will be used to facilitate team communications with anyone who applies to the Guilds Program, as well as discussed building work streams, custom tags, and custom fields for all members of the team as needed [all coming your way on Wednesday @Maggie!).
    3. Creatives DAO meetings: working with Abe of the Prison Art Project to develop supports for the pilot; discussions with Vandal from NxM talking Creative Guild Leader support. @chloe and I are planning on building out facilitator bounties/role bounties/set rewards to ensure these community leaders are fiscally supported themselves and also have more project support to address capacity problems.
    4. Group brainstorming and conversations around setting our team OKRs for Q3.
  • OKR: Boost Communities - Ship CommunityOS and $NEAR Distribution:

    1. Shipping the Creatives DAO, especially the new reporting procedure as we approach the end of the month and are going to be asking Guilds and DAOs to submit monthly budgets for July
    2. Shipping the installation of the new DAO verticals
    3. Ongoing edits to the Guilds Playbook but still on track for this playbook and Individual Contributors Playbook (@jlwaugh) to go live on Gitbook by the end of June
    4. Synced with @amosbestcookie [cc: Shreyas and Eunice] to align on planned changes to the Guilds rewards & incentives system and to share general updates and best practices.

Challenges & Blockers:

  • Time? Yeah, time. There’s not enough of it. This is my main challenge.
  • Seriously, determining who the NEAR Foundation Slack Admins are is my present blocker since we are looking to invite the Guild Minting Music into our #bonnaroo2021 channel to keep open communication between both teams.

Action Items:

  • Brainstorm and build a working proposal for the Minting Music - Bonnaroo collaboration with @chloe @Grace and other MarCom, DevRel, etc. team members by the end of the week.
  • Develop MarCom Q3 OKRs this week with the team (focusing on my ownership area of Community OS but also the support areas of Transformation, Guilds, Adoption, and Community Communications).
  • Work with @Sofia_Alum and @OrvardJam on the Open Web Sandbox Roadmap and arrange a presentation/discussion date with the MarCom team in the coming weeks @Grace @starpause @chloe @jlwaugh @ross @JMaenen @yadira @jake @shreyas @jcatnear @3UN1C3.
  • Guild Leader Introductions continue with @cypherpunk-core tomorrow.

Last week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • India accelerator- 170+ startups registered. Registrations have closed! Shortlisting and bootcamps begin soon! Spoke with Ozy about sharing this story of types of startups that have applied and possibly do a NEAR without the noise with the team next month.
  • Edu+ community sync w/ JC, Chloe and Sherif- remove roadblocks and facilitate community contribution towards education. NEAR University is progressing along really well. Currently interviewing and passing along leads for the Educational community manager.
  • Commsor meeting to discuss projects and integrations. Follow up this week on custom projects.
  • Human guild meeting with Sasha- focus verticals, project support and community building support.
  • Hiring interviews
  • Sandbox contributor onboarding sync with Rebecca, Valentina and Sofia.
  • NEAR Vietnam strategy and opportunities meeting with Riley- education, nearcrowd etc.
  • Guild rewards with Eunice, Rebecca and JC.
  • Lisboa Node project with Chloe, Steven and Grace.
  • Legal guild introduction and roadmap with Santiago and Grace.
  • NEAR AU dev projects and intros with ecosystem success team
  • 1-1s
  • Hiring + interviews
  • Playbook review
  • RU Community strategy sync with Vadim, Yulian and SashaB- next steps to onboard RU community strategist.

This week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • Sync with Ozy on guilds
  • NEAR Arabia sync
  • Community- Edu with Sherif/JC/Chloe
  • Playbook
  • Guilds survey, processes, and DAO verticals with guild team
  • NEAR India accelerator shortlisting, project overviews and more.
  • Hiring interviews
  • BI sync on 100 days of code
  • Commsor meeting

Results from Last Week:

  • Published the survey with Sherif and Joanna to funnel educational contributions / contributors to the community
  • Held test tasks to shortlist community moderator applicants
  • Finalized team role
  • Exploring onboarding and rewards structure for the guilds
  • NEAR survey proposal to Grace
  • Sharing meeting notes, AMA, and Influencer workflows with the team
  • Working with @JMaenen on SM Playbooks (for internal and external use), maybe expand on strategy there as well
  • Job Description for Marketing Talent needed in the Education front

Plans for the Week:

  • Finalize Q3 OKRs
  • Follow up on survey proposal with Grace and Ozy
  • Finalize Influencer Proposal Document
  • Continue Social Media Playbooks and expand on Social Strategy, and Campaign Workflows & Checklists
  • Work with Chloe in identifying improvements for the Forum
  • Q2 Recap Post
  • share the proposed OKRs, projects, and tasks format
  • NEAR Daily and NEAR Newsletter Proposal Docs
  • Add input for Community Pages’ Content on the Website
  • Draft Marketing DAO Vertical
    • Outline of fixed and incremental rewards for tasks
  • Coordinate with Guilds with the new rewards structure
  • Kick off 1 week immersion for moderator applicants


  • Information from previous quarters and other documentation for reference
  • Approvals from Grace on all proposals
  • Next Steps for the Individual Contributors Program,

Hello! This week is our ‘closing of the Q2 OKRs’ and the presentation of our Q3 roadmap as MarCom
In the past weeks:

  • :railway_track:Our CommunitySquadDAO Council has welcomed new members: @jcatnear @mecsbecs @JMaenen @ross - The new council members have been extremely diligent in reviewing proposals and asking for clarification. Our governance is shaping well and now we need 6 votes to pass a proposal.
    With multiple DAOs vertical being formed and deployed, our goal is to open our Council to more community members. :dizzy:

  • :star2:NEAR’s rebranded website - Community pathways - working closely with @Jake to create a single source of truth for information related to the Community.

  • :clap:Shout Out to @Sofia_Alum and @mecsbecs for a great Re-launch Party of the Sandbox. I believe that the OW Sandbox will become the place where everyone meets and learns about the opportunities in the NEAR ecosystem.

  • :heart_eyes: Completing the role description for the MarCom Team

Blockers: So many great things happening at the same time that it is difficult to keep my eyes on everything. We are lucky to have a team that is autonomous and that focus on delivery.

This week:
:100: The theme is to communicate more, making sure that we have regular updates for our community, that we share more information on the community in general, including fund distribution, progress on the activities we are undertaking this summer and post more frequently in the Forum.

:boom:Complete the OKRs Q3, 1 on 1s meetings with the team and follow up on next steps with Minting Music.

:star_struck: Assisting new Guilds with their Roadmap and meeting the motivated Guild Leaders.

Blockers: getting data from sputnikDAO, build the dashboard we would like to have for our community related activities, getting knowledgeable resources that can help us with all this.


Results from last week:

  • coordinated “proof of partycipation” NFT drop via CollabLand bot in OWS Discord
  • planned to integrate NEAR Contributor Program with Open Web Sandbox
  • collaborated on Gitcoin Grant for “Incubating Governauts” with Token Engineering Academy
  • brainstormed specific objectives related to high-level goals: awareness, engagement, adoption, advocacy, and legitimacy / credibility
  • responded in the context of Multi-Token Standard Discussion
  • created a diagram of the support systems for any projects in our community
  • answered questions from community members on Discord and Telegram

Plans for this week:

  • define Q3 OKRs and initiatives
  • revise Contributor Playbook
  • write about Governance Commons
  • sync with @Ozymandius about 4NTS Guild, LLC
  • facilitate Aurora workshop at Crypto NYC meetup
  • participate in forum discussion about NEAR Ecosystem Treasury DAO
  • develop ideas for “Altruistic Sputnik DAOs” with @chloe and Panvala
  • share feedback on Catalyst personas / profiles for Open Web Contributors

Last Week:

This week the focus is mostly on Q3 OKRs and the @minting-music x Bonaroo partnership:

  • working with @rhymetaylor from Minting Music to update their “About” section on Forum and to get the Industry event going for July/August as the Mini Artist Lounge
  • Participation in Bonnaroo planning with a mind to brainstorming and building a case of why we should do this
  • Cleaning up Forum (starting in Creatives category) so each white-listed Guild/DAO has its own subcategory and affiliated tags
  • Supporting @jcatnear to set up resources for Marketing - NEAR Forum
  • Creatives DAO Q3 OKR and metric creation (to live on the forum as quarterly working docs/updates)
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