Community Squad Weekly Update: 2 August 2021

July 26 - August 2

Here is another weekly update from the NEAR Community Squad:

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Highlight: MetaBUIDL Hackathon

August 27 - September 11

Regional Community Activations

Co-Sponsorship of Bounties / Prizes

Most Referred Forum Topics

Governance Update

Ecosystem Metrics | Sputnik DAO Stats

Reports from last week:

Community Squad DAO

Last Week: 10,925 NEAR

3 Approved Proposals

Total Distributed: 112,866 NEAR

55 Approved Proposals / 77 Total

Active Proposals

2380 NEAR to sue.near for a monthly payout to the NEAR Reddit Ops Team (requested an additional 380 NEAR per month to allow them to do AMA payouts internally):

149 NEAR to icebear.near for coding the landing page of Astro based on a Figma design:

162 NEAR to samlwtn.near to form a DAO, launch a social token, and manage the community for a record label with 20,000 followers:

165 NEAR to portuguese.sputnikdao.near for the Portuguese Guild’s monthly distribution from June (accidentally targeted an inexistent account in previous attempt):

Recent Proposals

APPROVED ~ 6600 NEAR to vitalpointai.sputnikdao.near to hire Contract Community Integrations Engineer to customize Catalyst for OWS:

APPROVED ~ 325 NEAR to fritzwagner.near to develop a very basic course (3 modules) in blockchain technology to welcome people to the NEAR community (20-50 Course videos):

APPROVED ~ 4000 NEAR to sandbox.sputnikdao.near for their July 2021 budget:

Updates from the Squad

Adjusting the Guild Rewards Program

Legal Expertise and Support for the Community

Monthly Report from Open Web Sandbox

Hiring Community Moderators

Our Team

We are here to share key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. Transparency is crucial for accountability and governance. Click here to see all weekly updates from the Community Squad.

Council Members: @chloe @3UN1C3 @Grace @jcatnear @jlwaugh @JMaenen @mecsbecs @norah.near @ross @shreyas @starpause @David_NEAR

Previous Weekly Update:


Hiring PM for NEAR Ecosystem Treasury DAO

Open Web Sandbox

Guide for Claiming Rewards:

Contribute To NEAR WIki

Mapping Our Ecosystem

Proposal ~ Rewards for Telegram Community Participants

Learn About NEAR

Thanks to the amazing Education Team!


Last Week:

  • Posted key community engagement updates ([UPDATE] Guilds Program Funding Approach) and the Hack Nodes Open Call [after lengthy discussion with @starpause and @chloe)

  • Engaged in the flurry of end-of-month rewards for the OWS with fellow council - there was such incredible meme-creation engagement especially for July that the
    Sandbox had to request additional funds from the CommunitySquad DAO!

  • Finalized logistics and produced the OWS Monthly Party on Thursday – 65 attendees made for a great party :rainbow: and look out for the next one at the end of August (*wink August 26 *wink)

  • Met with @arroz-criativo to discuss a Lisbon Hack Node and the development of the Lisboa - NEAR Forum [Lisbon City Node]

  • Planned & set the upcoming Ecosystem Development and Ecosystem Success Meeting with reps from Grants/Funding, OWC, NEAR MarCom Team, and Ecosystem Success Team – it’s going to be a great conversation that will open up solid lines of communication and process flows across these four different teams!

  • Chatted Ecosystem DAOs with @jlwaugh and governance experiments moving forward - CommunitySquad DAO folks, watch out.

ACTION ITEMS for this week:

  • OKR metrics lock-down - objective 1 down, objective 3 to go!

  • COPPER - the urgency is at an all-time high and it will.happen.I.promise.ah.

  • Presenting DAO Verticals and the upcoming Creatives Community Forum event at the Open Web Sandbox AMA on Wednesday

  • THIS SATURDAY: come join! Register on Airmeet.
    @chloe and I are hosting, and there will be updates from throughout the Creative Community in the second hour of the event. Shout-out to the awesome @bianca for the promo design :revolving_hearts:

    [and follow us on Twitter :wink:]

  • Hack Node support to @norah.near

  • Creatives Guild/DAO Hackathon bounty set-up support to @chloe

  • OWS document set up for branding strategy and KYC/legal work

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Last Week:

  • Formally onboarded into the NEAR Foundation

  • Defined initiatives for the OKRs

  • Intro calls, intro calls, intro calls!

  • Joined the Marketing DAO Vertical!

  • A bag full of boring red tape

This Week:

  • Proposed (and on the verge of implementing) NEAR Community Guidelines for the Forum

  • Worked with the wonderful @blaze and @fortune to set up the Community BUIDLers Guild which is dedicated to creating and curating information throughout the NEARverse - think Wiki information Portal (and the NEAR Wiki too)

  • Joined the Subreddit as a mod and identified an initiative on the marketing front which will be proposed ASAP

  • Aligned with the legend that is @Ozymandius and got onboarded into the wider NEAR Community Ecosystem ( I :heart: Degens)

  • Continued to chase updates from previously funded projects in the NEAR Ecosystem