Community Metrics 14 June 21

:fire: Community Metrics Update Thread @weekly-updates
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Discord total members: 13601 → 13737 (+136)
Telegram total members: 16682 → 27884 (+11202)
Reddit followers: 1000 ->1100 (+100)


  • There was an influx of new members (around 67% increase) in our Telegram group over the past week due to the Aurora Quiz
  • We also received a lot of bot report last week because of the event, Shieldy has been installed to combat bot issues
  • Both Reddit and Discord has a stable growth of fanbase

Major discussion topics on Telegram

  • Aurora Quiz Campaign (New joiner greetings and event details)
  • Staking and wallet enquiries such as APY, setup and support-related questions
  • Ecosystem development (Aurora, DeFI and NFT)
  • Tweet updates

Weekly Report

  1. NEAR articles in Vietnamese:

Toward a Better Planet: Green NFTs:

  1. Facebook update:
  • Total fan: 5684 → 5809

  • Link of posts NEAR Vietnam:

  1. Telegram group NEAR Vietnam:

Total member: 6466 → 6657

  • Link of posts NEAR Vietnam:
  • Link of posts on other groups:

NEAR Community Quiz Challenge:

Toward a Better Planet: Green NFTs:

  1. Community Report:

GFS Group

  • Link of posts GFS Group:

Predict the score between Vietnam vs Malaysia (FIFA World Cup Asian), giveaway combo shirt NEAR:

I also want to see the report from Near Panorama series on that website should be on the list too!

China community update: 2021/05/07-2021/06/14

In order to maintain the atmosphere in our community, recently we have removed some of the groups members from our WeChat groups who spread negative energy, rumors or always say some curse words.

  1. Officially Wechat managed groups: 50, total members 13012->12861( -151)
  2. QQ officially managed group: 1186-> 1212(+26)
  3. Top guild of this week : 3 ( CST guild, CODAME(IOTA), Mars Finance,)
  4. The total members of Guild: 33.
  5. Total size of community on Tencent social platform (WeChat/QQ): 14198-> 14073(-125)

HEY! What can we obtain from that site? Or will it be able for you to link us up so we can dig into their report?

NEAR ( All the posts with the hashtag Panorama! However it is in Vietnamese =(((