Community Fund Processes: USD Pricing

  • Why is there a sudden change for funding mechanism? Is it because of the token price has increased?
    -How come there was not any community out reach on the subject. This seems like something you are bringing up to Guilds and contributors after the fact. This seems quite against “transparency”
    -Are NEAR Core developers paid with same mechanism? Why should Guilds and community contributors be any different?
    -Why is there no option to be paid in dollar pegged stable coins? NEAR is not yet listed in U.S.

I think there are several issues with suddenly changing funding mechanisms mid growth cycle. It is important for interests to be aligned as guild and community contributors. As @thephilosopher mentioned above, we work and build on NEAR, pay out in NEAR, are committed to NEAR. This is how it works with crypto. Miners, stakers, liquidity providers, everyone gets paid in the native token for their work on the Protocol. Why is there a sudden paradigm shift now?

Great questions! Thanks for sharing your perspective :slightly_smiling_face:

My responses:

  • The Community Squad DAO made this decision based on feedback from contributors.
  • Our team is doing outreach to explain and facilitate the transition.
  • NEAR Core developers are typically paid as employees of specific organizations. Guilds and community contributors have a more flexible payment system to account for uncertainty.
  • We are looking forward to using Astro, which enables payouts in stable tokens.

Existing arrangements will be upheld. We are continuously evolving the Community Fund processes to be more accessible, responsible, and impactful.

Discussion about the v2 NEAR Community DAO:

Sorry for the delayed response; I need to dive deeper into the forums about the DAO’s and funds before I respond in entirety but I appreciate your responses.

Is there a timeline on Astro’s launch? The new proposal of USD Pricing funding seems like you are trying to have your cake and eat it too. Meaning you want the benefit of having NEAR treasury but want to pay out using USD values. For those in the US, there is no large exchange that lists NEAR so one must go through the rigmarole of getting a VPN, Binance account, transferring, selling, and eating withdrawal fees. Without simplistic option to get compensated in stablecoins, I do not think this is fair.

Can you share other forum posts or discussions had on the matter? I want to be more educated and involved in this process.

I still am confused on why the funding mechanism is changing in the first place though. 3 months ago when NEAR was trading at $1.80, no one was complaining about being under compensated, because we all believed in NEAR and knew if we kept contributing value to NEAR it would grow and we would be rewarded.

:rocket: Astro has liftoff! Launched last week, and we’re already experimenting with a v2 Community Squad DAO.

I think there is a misunderstanding here. The suggestion is to use $USD for off-chain price discussion, and our payout mechanism has not changed. Just makes it easier to get contributors what they need to cover approved expenses. Conversion to NEAR (or any other token) happens if / when that proposal goes on-chain to its respective DAO.


I’m new to NEAR (Dec) so this isn’t entirely obvious. Can you define “sufficient”? Also, how much time? Who should “chime in”? Can something get an immediate “green light” if a certain person votes in favor of, or supports?

I’m thinking there is a better way to determine “sufficient” ? ie: votes in a DAO, temporary staking, or something else