[Community Discussion] Achievements & Problems & Further Plan

This is really beautiful, I wish we had organizations like this in West Africa. Not many have opened up to the beauty of art and the fact that it is a necessity of life in West Africa. Interestingly, we have so much art all around us here. it’s so much that there is literally an artist whether it be in music or art of all kinds in every home. But with the help of web3-based companies like Near protocol and the Creatives DAO, we will change a lot, one step at a time.


I wholeheartedly agree.


Thanks for speaking out expressing yourself in such an eloquent and patient manner.

From the MANY conversations that I’ve had, Bailey represents the points of view of the vast majority of active and engage community members.

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Hello comunidadgy, All is well? I was thinking here…

  1. I can see that project proposals are still happening for October, so do we have to propose even though we know that we don’t have new guidelines and money to finance? Or are we having a little communication problem where only a few are aware that we won’t have $ so no need to propose? :triangular_flag_on_post:

  2. Can individual projects, which are not from any DAO, still be submitted, for whom? I mean, the discussion revolves around one way of doing things: DAOs. I would like to see space for individual projects, which could be funded directly by the NF but not necessarily big enough to apply for a grant, nor need DAO to support, do you think this would be viable? How about a dapp, with form where the steps to get approval would be filled, as well as the reports. Perhaps this could be a quick fix as the deeper issues of Creatives/marketing/education struggle to keep in line with the desires of NF and the market.

I am a person who has worked with so many DAOs since February when I joined NEAR and I always missed that space, where the connection is direct with whoever has the money, without having to go through a DAOs that had to go through Creatives… Am I being clear? Or am I misinformed and we already have this option?

  1. And about good practices, maybe DAOs should think about saving funds for times like this when it’s necessary to invest back in the community so it doesn’t stop. What brings me my next question: how many DAOs currently have cash on hand to fund projects without NF money, at least this month?

  2. And finally, please don’t forget that we are the biggest asset, we create art, we have value, we are not a cost. We have to think that an artist who sells work does not need NF funding, so something in this sense must be done. Near has to encourage the coming of collectors from other protocols, at the core of the thing. How many nfts and cryptoarts are produced daily in Nearverse and by the projects we are championing here? How many of them were successful in sales? How NF and many here fail to see this? Does anyone have this calculation? Sorry, I’m from the humanities, I don’t know how to do math.

Well, I guess that’s it. I have a lot of ideas in my head that are more chaotic than the chaos we’ve been living through here for the last few months. But let’s go! Courage…




  1. I think they just dont know whats up.
  2. All verticals are closed, so I would suggest daocubator.org ; a dapp would be awesome and maybe the new mods can focus a lot on that (ideally NF would build these things, but the community can too - and will have too).
  3. I am sure many have tokens, Incubadora is not stopping for the month, for example. I would say the challenge is including non-planned activities.
  4. There is a topic somehere about the NFT space. NF is trying to fund the best possible projects but things are moving slowly. Lets do our best.



Hello. Thank for the proposal.

  • Do we have any penalties for mods or DAOs that do not meet these deadlines?
  1. the comments should be posted on the forum; otherwise, problem #2 won’t be solved.

  2. I think Creativies DAO should empower its own moderators vote for proposals on Asto DAO (replace the current model when DAOs approve applications), or the deadlines mentioned above won’t be met never and the problem with accounts solved.

Decentralization… "- DAOs consist …. councils, should be real people (not other mods fake entities).

@shreyas @marieke.flament Overall, I couldn’t find any significant changes in the new plan. Still not clear metrics, same DAOs which have power over Creatives mod team and people. What the purposes of the experiment and what was wrong with current model?


Absolutely agree with you can support the proposal.

On the same page.


The NDC project was ended when ex NF employee stepped up in the experiment. Nobody wants to work this these people. And NF doesn’t have money to cover new structure.

On the same page. NDC is another one failed experiment.

Agree !

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Why do you start offering a solution to the problem only when the community shouts at the forum about hopelessness and asks for help from the co-founders and the head of the Near Foundation? Have you not seen the problem before? Maybe you should just change these moderators and put new ones who see the problem and offer an up-to-date and effective solution?
Thx :relaxed:

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Dear @illia @marieke.flament can we have the same monthly reports from regional hubs, NF grants and events teams?
Or NF is expecting the hight level of transparency from Community only? Thanks.

We didn’t have any problems in community. All issues every time come from Near Foundation, which torments the community with useless experiments, and eventually, we lose the best contributors after each one.

The creatives MOD team did a great job before; projects received money on time. It looks like NF people don’t like the order and want to have the same chaos as in NF. Or certain people….

Let’s put on pause NF people’s paychecks. Maybe they don’t need to feed their family, pay bills, and lease.

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Even though I am not a regular user here, I just joined this month, and am a bit confused about how DAOs are always funded this way and that. When going through some of the proposals, I was like, “What if NF stops the grants program?” That means a lot of DAOs are gone and stopped working because they don’t have any sustainability structure or good revenue model to run their engagement without being dependent.


Okay, you just came Yesterday, but what if you bring a sustainability idea to help the ecosystem. Instead of saying the same thing everyone is saying,

I would love to see you write a proposal to build project on NEAR without requesting fund needed… and pls make sure the Value is up to $5k :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is not about needing a fund to start a project; it is about the sustainability of the project after receiving the fund, letting the project run the other subsequent activities without having to come back for funding again. Am working on one to drop it lol

Tell me where NF was complaining about supporting Funding DAO to support artiste to build the Ecosystem…
If fund stops, it stops…

If everyone of us here could do it independently, won’t pay attention here I’m sure.

When you are done with one, team with me… let’s do independently… I’ll be waiting :crossed_fingers:t6:

Apt. Well curated and easy to understand. The original post is dope but considering your points and reasons, you are absolutely correct.


I would like to commend all @creativesdao-council for genuinely working towards the growth of the ecosystem.
Here are my Few suggestions
*The idea of a bimonthly funding is great considering the fact that most times daos have little time to complete a bunch load of projects.


  • One major thing to put into consideration is results? We need to show a more increase in metrics to the NF.
    I agree with @Hawwal on this

I think it is important to understand the core value and Worth of the Creative dao in the ecosystem, and also to remember that we represent different communities with vast number of people all over the world.
*Social Media is a strong force for web2 creatives
I would also like the Creative dao to pay a lot of attention to their social media pages, I think they can share the work load, have different people manage different accounts for effective results.
I saw this post few weeks ago,and i think it’s a nice idea

Lastly, I would also like to add that, the idea of Web3 is still very strange to a lot of creatives, we need to pay a lot attention to physical events to attract the web2 creatives,
It is important to understand that the switch to web 3 is a work in motion, and this change will only happen with a lot of consistent efforts.


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