[CLOSED] Social Media Moderation and content creation for ReggaeDAO for April to June 2023

Hello MarketingDAO council,

We are ReggaeDAO would love to submit this proposal for social media moderation and content creation in Patois for three months; April to June.

Proposal Summary
Recently, we have been funded for several projrcts which have been carried out and duly reported after which we sae an increment in our community activities, participation and engagement, especially form the targetted area.

Consequently, we wish to continue with
a. Social media posts
b. Content creation about the Near Ecosystem in Patois.

a. There will be 3 posts a week both on instagram, twitter and Facebook on Patois about updates and information about the Near Ecosystem.
b. There will be content creations which would be videos only in which people would be directed to make video contents about the Near Protocol where they:
i. Share their stories in Patois
ii. Explain basic contents in Patois (those ones that havent been explained yet in Patois)
iii. Engage with social media posts

Values to the Near Ecosystem
The following are the anticipated values to the Near Ecosystem:
i. Promotion of Near Awareness in the Caribbean region and to all reggae loving people
ii. Increased engagement and participation
Iii. Wallets creations
Iv. Onboarding

How do we measure success?
We measure success based on results achieved through a process and the folowings are what we intend to achieve.

a. Creation of new wallets through bounty for content making and onboarding of new people
b. Increase of our social media pages
Twitter: 500 New Followers
Instagram: 500 New Followers
Facebook: 500 New Followers
Website: At least 20 New Updates (in videos and images)





Timeline: April to June
Total requested funds:
1200usd in DAI

Breakdown of funds
200usd x 3 for social media moderation (600usd)
200usd x 3 for content creation in Patois (600usd)

Total: 1200usd for 3months

wallet: reggaedao.near
Owner: ReggaeDAO.
@Jahzonemusician @BigM007

Report for Approved Reggaedao Website

Thank you.



Hello! We need to increase UAW/ MAW in our Ecosystem. How you proposal will help to achieve the goals? Thanks.

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Thank you for your response @Dacha

Could you explain what UAW/MAW means so we can be on the same page.

Thank you.

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Thanks for your proposal,

In its current form, I am unable to support this. Reasoning and notes:

  • Lack of consistent body of work. Last posts on Twitter and Instagram were made in September and October last year.
  • Outstanding issues around Calls for a New Council Member. I also want to note that it seems like the Council member is being recruited solely for the purpose of scoring higher on the Decentralisation category on the current Creatives DAO assessment Matrix.
  • Content lacks strong enough connection to NEAR. I quite like the Reggae vibe and I believe it can form a strong community around niche interest. However, it seems far fetched to say or expect the group to ALSO create the type of content we are looking for right now. Account Abstraction and Meta Transactions seem fundamentally incompatible in a Reggae community. I would be happy to be proven wrong on this front but would have to see the content first.
  • The metrics are unrealistic, representing 2.5x current levels on social media that has been inactive for a long time.

Overall, it is clear that the NEAR tech stack and tooling, including DAOs, are empowering an ever increasing number of communities. However, it is not possible for the community fund to cover the social media spend of all of them (specially when they don’t currently have any social media presence). We would have to see much more alignment between a community and NEAR Strategic goals in order to consider funding.

Well, I agree with some points(which can be worked towards like some DAOs who have been approved after certain observation and correction of their proposal) but I disagree with some points too.

  1. Council Member
    I personally advised my colleague to let us make a new advert or post for a new council member because I have stayed long enough with them and I’m ready to move on to my own DAO (which is already registered on Astro, has a website, registered with the CAC of Nigeria but not introduced here yet). It is a coincidence that it’s happening now

  2. The last time we were funded was September, hence the pause in activities through November till now and I remember that we dropped a proposal on December to marketingdao for funds to continue activities on our social media but it was declined. WOULD YOU FAULT US FOR THIS?
    Even though during the lack of funding, we still kept our telegram going.

  3. I have seen several posts just like what’s here in ours approved and also to add, the connection is always there as long as it’s about spreading Near into areas that it’s not strong. We are not going about spreading another ecosystem but NEAR’S.

  4. Meta transactions and utility of Near dApps
    If we are creating wallets, minting on mintbase and carrying out transactions with our wallets, would that also fall into the category of Meta transactions?

  5. If we have 3months to work on this, how can getting 500 followers be Hard in 90days.

Would you give us a trial and if we fall short of the metrics, HENCEFORTH, DO NOT APPROVE ANYTHING FROM US.

Hi @BigM007
Thank you for your application. This is the type of project that’s perfect for the Creatives DAO. At the moment, the Marketing DAO isn’t able to support the same types of passion projects geared towards music and art we once were.

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@Klint I respect you Klint.

Hi @BigM007 thanks for your proposal and for your patience as we’ve reviewed this. In thinking about a way forward for this project, I agree with @Klint that it is a better fit for the CreativesDAO.

While we were once able to support projects that were related to specific/regional arts/music communities, we are now prioritizing focused on funding initiatives that can show their activities increase developers, dApps, wallet transactions (not just opens) and on-chain activity within the NEAR ecosystem. You can see our guidelines here:

While those outcomes might be possible via your project, I do not see enough detail or information that proves that to me based on this proposal. I’m closing this for now, but I encourage you to continue participating in the ecosystem and let us know if you have thoughts on how your initiative might better meet the guidelines. Thanks!

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