[CLOSED] Onenone Funding Request -September 2022 -


Onenone Creative Funding Request September 2022

Contact name: @Free

Council members: @Free, @inakes, @johnnyonthespot

Most recent report

Onenone Summer Season : Finale

Target: joshspikes.near ——-> onenone.sputnik-dao.near

Current balance (NEAR): 4.35373

Funding period: September 2022

Requested Funding Amount: total is $5000 USD in near

Onenone council work
$1500 USD in NEAR
Summer Season finale

Onenone creative project
$3500 USD in NEAR
Summer Season finale


Council work**

$1,500 - All projects are being managed and directed to completion.



8 artisans total
7 fields of design 4 teams of designers*

Graphic , 3D ,- website and digital marketplace

Tara and Allan

Interior, Artifact/ Jewelery - interior chess set artifact / Jewelry emblems and case

John and Dylan

Fashion - hand made jackets and totes

Sekani, Josh,

Residency- Indigenous Latin/ Mexican designs in multiple mediums

Casandra, Nayib

4 countries of designing

Mexico, France, United Kingdom, United States

3 artisans will be on boarded in September (Dylan, Allan, Tara) 2 for previous months taken off and 1 for this month

  1. Tara (Graphic designer for all digital portals)

  2. Allan (our replacement digital designer)

  3. Dylan (wood work interior artifact designer)

**2 months off return **

Onenone purposefully with held submitting proposals to prepare our DAO to align with Nears standards of operations.

1 artist Residency - Onenone has offered an artist residency in Sayulita, Mexico and will consider continuing when @inakes returns to continue to multiply the benefit of funds received from Near.



1) @johnnyonthespot - Artifact Design / California,United States

$400 - 32 custom chess pieces (16 per side),

$200 -JEWELRY EMBLEMS- after receiving casandras art, john will produce the jewelry emblems to these artifacts

2) Dylan - Interior Design/ California, United States

$400 - interior artifact chess board

Dylan is the founder and lead artisan of Blackstone builds. Visit his instagram to see the amazing work he has done around the world. @blackstonebuilds

Partnering with Onenone Dylan will produce an interior designer artifact that serves duo purposes. This artifact will view as a beautiful interior designed artifact while also functioning as a chess board that can be used with Johns chess pieces.


Dylan will begin designing jewelery boxes that will hold the jewelry emblems for any artifact acquired.



3) Tara - Graphic Design / California, United States

$550 - website update, graphic art, S.M

website update adding artisans page with projects included

Production of small graphic art collection for onenone

Finalizing logo and logo assets

4) Allan - 3D Design / California, United States


Digital 3D design for representation of physical artifacts, minting and preparation for releases



5) @inakes - Fashion Design / United Kingdom

$350- 3 hand made and hand painted tote bags

Hand cut, sewn, and painted tote bags - live release at Paris Fashion Week

6) $350 @free - Fashion Design/ France

Jackets are currently being sewn in Paris, France and will be completed for Paris Fashion Week. During Paris fashion week we will capture imagery for proof of development.




7) Casandra - Artist Residency

$250 - Finalizing summer season residency collection. Previous half was posted in June report

8)Nayib- Artist Residency submission

$250 - production of fashion sample collection (beanie, vest, harness, and belt)

Plus providing extra goat leather supply for @inakes to continue leather work when returning to Sayulita, Mexico. (October 2022)



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I have read your proposal and report. You love to draw, craft and ask for funding for this. You have your own seal and your own emblem, but there is no inscription Near. Why should Near finance you? How will your art attract new users to Near?
Thx :blush:

@pathfinder thank you for your reply. The answers are

  1. professional creative representation

  2. Marketplace integration

  3. Near recommendation

1 Profesional Creative representation.

Onenone has been apart of the near ecosystem since April 2022. SInce then we have represented Near in Europe, United States, and Mexico physically and digitally. Producing very high calibur designs, artifacts, and notoriety in a myriad of mediums. Jewlery, Fashion, Interior, Artifacts, and in 2023 we will begin Architecture! We currently offer 3 different physical creative spaces accessible to anyone in the Near ecosystem.

Sayulita, Mexico (Artist residency)
Albany, California (Gallery)
Rotterdam, Netherlands (Serenity Studio)

Continuously we offer partnered access to high marketability events such as Paris fashion week this month!

We currently have 3 full time members that are on boarded and will be adding another 3 more this month. Everyone of our members are full time Artisans that operate their own companies and are agreeing to operate together through the onenone DAO while representing Near to all clients and the world.

Outside of those 6 we currently have another 4 applicants that are interested in being within our DAO and the Near ecosystem and another 5 pending. Onenone will have 10 full time profesional artisans this year from around the world developing creative projects consistently in representation of Near and the support granted by Near.

  1. Marketplace integration

We also are studying the digital processes that we wish to represent our artifacts digitally. (NFT)

Our newly appointed digital team will be identifying the best ways to utilize Near infrastruture, crypto currency, wallets, and technologies etc etc to cohesively integrate with our marketplace.

  1. Near recommendation- After our 2 months break from submitting proposals onenone DAO has agreed that we would like to receive recommendations, guidance, advice, and anything else desired from Near. We feel that we are doing everything and anything that we can to make our partnership mutually beneficial, continuously showcasing global physical and digital creative projects, and are very interested in NEARs’ personal suggestion as to how we/ creatives can benefit you the best. Help us help you :).

Thank you for your time. May this message find you well.

Love and blessings

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Hey @Free
Your reporting is unclear to me. In June you requested $ for planting seeds, however, in your last report, there’s no information about that and overall it seems that your report is not connected with what you proposed in the first place.

What do you mean by this? Do you have your own smart contract? What marketplace is on your mind? Have you made any NFTs?

Overall, I’m not able to support your DAO this month, you have no connection to NEAR dapps and the community overall, in addition, your reports are unclear and it looks like you haven’t integrated NEAR into your project in the last couple of months.

Thanks for the detailed answer, but I didn’t get an answer to the main question. How will the Near ecosystem receive advertising or attract new users at the expense of your work? Your fashion show and artifacts are more indicative of the advertising of your masters. Perhaps there is a Near logo on your works? At the moment, there are a lot of NFT projects in the cryptocurrency market. How will you raise the value of your NFT ? Perhaps I am ready to buy your NFT, provided that you explain the uniqueness.
Thx :blush:


Dear Onenone,
The majority of Community Moderators agreed for closing this proposal due to unclear reporting, no clear vision, lack of consistency in your actions, and a lack of NEAR tools implementation in your DAO.

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Thank you dearly for your honesty. Onenone will continue to develop as we can and we hope to find a way to partner with near anytime it may feel aligned. Near has assisted us in so many ways and we feel we have so much to offer while we will not force a dynamic together.

Feel free to contact us anytime as we continue to build on our goals. With all love and blessings.