[CLOSED] Near Ukraine Guild | Media Partnership in August

Hi community and @marketingdao-council :wave:

This month, we are further expanding our partnership to increase awareness of Near Protocol in Eastern Europe.

Near Ukraine Guild - forum presentation :ukraine:

About us :raised_hands:

Fast-growing guild based in Ukraine, aimed at providing high-quality educational content and assistance to grow a strong community of developers/entrepreneurs/enthusiasts within the Near Protocol ecosystem

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Problem :exploding_head:

Near Protocol is currently facing several challenges that hinder its widespread adoption and growth.

The recent launch of Near Protocol’s Blockchain Operating System (BOS) has introduced a game-changing solution to the blockchain ecosystem. However, our findings from extensive polling conducted at meetups and events in Eastern Europe indicate a surprising lack of awareness, with less than 5% of participants having heard about BOS.

Another pressing concern for Near Protocol is the significant lack of liquidity in the network. As reported by Defillama data in June 2023, the liquidity levels are considerably low - $40 million. And it’s significantly lower compared to Ethereum, which has an impressive $28 billion in liquidity. This scarcity of liquidity prevents users from confidently storing and staking their assets on the Near Protocol platform. In addition, the limited availability of liquidity on Near Protocol impacts not only those who hold assets but also traders who depend on sufficient liquidity for effective trading.

Compounding the problem, the majority of users have interacted with Near Protocol indirectly, primarily acquiring NEAR tokens through centralized exchanges (CEX) rather than engaging directly with the ecosystem.

All that leads individuals to opt for more established networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Binance Smart Chain, where liquidity is more abundant, resulting in a missed opportunity for Near Protocol to attract and retain users.

Proposal :bookmark_tabs:

We are further expanding our partnership with Incrypted, Eastern Europe’s largest social media platform with an audience of over 120.000. This collaboration aims to address the challenges faced by Near Protocol in the region by increasing awareness of the ecosystem’s news/updates and hosting larger-scale events. Together, we hope to reach a wider audience and promote engagement.

As part of this partnership, we’ll use our Mystery Box solution to motivate individuals to engage in various ecosystem activities within the ecosystem. Moreover, we plan on spreading news across the region to increase people’s interest and expand our community membership.

Value of Proposal :top:

Value Details Expected deliverable USDC
Incrypted Partnership Sharing up to 4-5 of the most important and valuable news within the ecosystem to increase interest, hold a championship with on-chain rewards (distributed through Linkdrop/KeyPom) to encourage people to have a wallet 4-5 Promotional News 5000
Contest rewards The funds will serve as rewards for the contest, hosted as part of the partnership 25 winners, 200+ participants 1000

Total :moneybag:

6.000 USDC

Wallet :credit_card:


If you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer them
Have a good day :raised_hands:


the price is too high
I advise you to reduce the budget for publishing articles a bit.

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As per the partnership agreement with Incrypted for media support, they will receive $5,000. And it’s understandable to see this price, given their influence and a large audience in the Eastern Europe area.
These funds will cover the promotion of 4-5 of the most valuable news stories, as well as the hosting of a joint competition for our audience. Furthermore, to make the most of the funds, we have a plan to use these promotional publications to bring people into our community.

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Thank you for your proposal

Note: With submissions starting on the 1–10th of every month, it is not bad to submit your September proposal now, but it will distract us from compiling our ongoing evaluation.

Let’s follow the guidelines ser, read more here https://gov.near.org/t/announcement-marketing-dao-constellation-ndc-v0-new-proposals-funding-procedures-julys-funding-request/35476/4

Thank you

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Regarding guidelines:
This proposal was published on 9th August, which is exactly between 1th and 10th :slightly_smiling_face:
Or you meant something else?

I see your posting date, but the proposal is for September, not August, which is why i commended it. wait until September to post, I don’t know if you get what i mean too.

Hello guys, I am happy to support, but the funds should be spend on:

  • NDC elections
  • Increasing numbers of active Developers
  • Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions
  • Increasing numbers of Tools on BOS
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Hi @denbite i would echo @Bakaka comment re the title of your proposal and suggest changing to August.

We are currently reviewing proposals on a month by month basis. The deadline for sunbmission is the 10th of the month.

Happy to support and would echo the comment by @Dacha re fund allocation and content focus.

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@cryptocredit @Bakaka
I’ve updated the proposal title to August

Hi @denbite

Thank you for your proposal.

You’re asking for a large amount of funding with limited details regarding the output.

Can you please provide more details about what you will be using the $5000 for in regards to the Incrypted Partnership?

  • of Posts Per channel

  • Type of Content (Video, Image, Animation, Infographics, etc)

Overall, I cannot support this proposal without significantly more detail.

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Hi @Klint, sure thing

Incrypted - a big influencer with 100k+ subscribers on telegram/other platforms with an average of 10k views with deep crypto auditory, who worked with Near and has a part of auditory who old Near users.

Why do we need that?

It will be an election that needs to be promoted, these people need to be educated to empower NDC voting and returning OGs, plus marketing on Near projects and onboarding on our guilds like Near Ukraine/Near Hunters.

How the partnership will work?

  1. We pay 5000$ for 5 posts on their telegram

  2. Near Ukraine will work with them to create content that will focus on MDAO KPIs, now is an election, NDC education, and transaction

  3. For example, for transactions, we are going to do a context as we did earlier (Zealy/Mystery Box/BOS) with trackable results, number of wallets, and transactions.

If you have any more questions we can set up a call to discuss our proposal details further

Hi @denbite – thanks for the proposal. Noting that you have a new, updated proposal on the forum for September.

I am closing this one out as we review and comment on the current proposal. Thanks!

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