[Closed] Near Turkiye Community October and November)l

Hey @crypto_blckhntr

It’s really challenging with the new KPIs to continue to push funds to ecosystem community-building projects. We’re trying to support projects that directly result in the growth of specific projects that result in more wallets, transactions, and projects the list on AwesomeNear.

Unfortunately, I can’t support the price points and nature of these projects at this time.

Thank You, Sir. :pray:

hope the other @marketingdao-council members will consider the nature, efforts and success of this project, which were completed in less than a year.


I think Elon Musk give a huge insight into this.


Thanks for your proposal and patience.

I’ve been struggling with this proposal for a long time.

I am unable to support this proposal:

  • I lack context or understanding on the historical issues that led to the Turkish community splitting.
  • M DAO is not in a position to support both communities for the same region at their current budgets. There may be a separate initiative led directly from NF directed at Regional projects. Until then, if approved, Turkey alone would represent an outsized % of the total Marketing DAO budget
  • I am not in a position to objective and fairly differentiate between both communities (language barrier) or whether the Turkish community output matches the budget demands

I am open and would strongly encourage an initial meeting between the the NEAR Turkiye team and M DAO council too address some of the topics above. While I speak for myself, the fact this proposal has not reached a resolution in so long should also serve as a statement that other Council members also have doubts and reservations.


We are always ready for the meeting @marketingdao-council please share your calendly.

Thank You