[CLOSED] NEAR DigitalFashion Dao Funding Proposal for August, 2022

This is very exciting and I’m pretty sure this project would motivate many prospective digital fashion entrepreneurs to switching to the web3 ecosystem. Keep it up bro.


Comprehensively speaking… This is a new shift for the community


Yes fam, truly is a new shift for our community but we are still waiting for the @creativesdao-council to conclude their review

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Greetings @creativesdao-council we have been waiting patiently to get a feedback on our proposal… Tagging @blusw @kc_sollano @Paul @williamx @Cryptonaut and @adrianseneca for visibility

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This is perfect for collaboration with [APPROVED] near fashion dao- august-2022 since even your name is similar and looks like you have common goal and vision (cc @ENYI @Dabbie3229).

I believe there’s no point to double the projects where you can collaborate together under one DAO.

Sorry, but I’m not able to support this proposal.


Thanks for your observations @Paul DigitalFashion Dao has a different vision and concept from fashion Dao… And mostly their goals in fashion Dao are majored to style and merchandising which was what that inspired their initial name NEAR STYLE AND MERCH DAO before they now change their Dao name to Fashion Dao…

You can check our introduction which contain both our Roadmap for clarity of what our vision and mission is all about…

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Digital Fashion Dao is a community of digital fashion designers and craft makers, all we do is working hand in hand, collaborating with each other to develop digital arts in fashion and other crafts, educating and sensitizing each other and other creatives who are still operating in web2 the benefits of operating in Web3 and as well onboarding them into Near Ecosystem… We have nothing to do with styling and merchandising of fashion which is what Fashion Dao you want us to collaborate with is all about… And we already have booming community growing everyday even when our proposal have not been approved…

Please I appeal to you @Paul to take time review everything about our Dao before deciding if you will support our community or not…

This is our telegram



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Fashion Dao which is formerly known as style and merch Dao has a different goal and there vision is totally different from ours…

This is a quote from their introduction… So their major is on styling and merchandising…

And we as DigitalFashion Dao are already booming and growing as a separate community and we focus majorly on digital arts in fashion and craft making. And also educating and training fashion designer and craft makers who are still operating in web2 the tools they need to enable them operate in Web3 Ecosystem and as well onboarding them into Near Ecosystem…

We appeal to @creativesdao-council to see reasons for our community to operate on it own… Because merging with another Dao might slow us down, therefore making difficult for us to achieve our Roadmap and our vision as a Dao

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Thank you Paul for your observation.

I have been trying to see the bridge that can be connected with this DAO but I have come to the understanding that it would not work, as regards a collaboration because of these points below

  1. We had our introduction some months ago and we have been soliciting for funding from creatives about our projects for a while now with our activities set in stone. [Introduction] Near Fashion DAO
    Our community is open to contributions even though we don’t see any different thing that this DAO that we are not already planning to do

  2. In our proposal, we highlighted voxel model creations and design bounties for graphic artists… these activities are digital in nature and subsequently we are planning models for the metaverse in the coming months…

  3. We are older than this DAO and it’s members can join our community to contribute once we climb the tiering levels

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No doubt that you your dao exited before ours but on a different name and a different motive with ours… And when the name of your Dao was changed from Style and merch Dao to Fashion Dao it still maintained it initial motives and goals…

In our introduction [introduction] Near Digitalfashion Dao we stated it clearly what our Dao is all about and we were able to state our Roadmap which will enable us attest to self sustainability and it has nothing to do with your dao goals and motives…

We don’t have any intention to compete nor contest with your dao… In this community we all are here to build…

To contribute to what my colleague @enyi said

We had to evolve from styling and merchandising to Fashion by consultation with the creatives

And we have also modified our activities to aligning with the requisites of collaborating with two DAOs to tailor our activities to being widespread beneficial to the ecosystem at large.

Our activities are digital and in due time we would be making design models for the metaverse which rules out any significance of this new Dao programme is different to us (NEAR Fashion DAO)

Before we introduce our Dao to this community, we made a whole lots of research and consultation, and the your day was still bearing the Name Style and merch Dao… And when we finally publish our introduction in Near Community and we added our Roadmap so that the community will understand where we are driving to…

When we were doing our research and consultation we never saw any of this above on Fashion Dao formally known as style and merch Dao…

Telling the community that in due time that your dao we start venting into digital models for metaverse is like tapping into our intellectuality, and I believe every creative have right to his or her intellectual properties…

I appeal to the moderators @creativesdao-council and all the community councils to handle this misinterpretation of our Dao and their dao with care and proper investigation… The outcome of this might either encourage or discourage other creatives who have good intentions and good strategy of building Near Ecosystem

Hey, @Styleherbalist could you please introduce the creator of the artworks below? Also, in addition, do you have some pics or short movies of how it’s being made?


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Before I get to know about Near Protocol and it’s Ecosystem, I have been a member of so many Daos in Discord such as Style Protocol STYLE Protocol and Raw Dao RAW DAO they are community of digital fashion designers and craft makers who creates their digital fashion arts and mint them as wearable NFTs in other market pleases that don’t deal on Near Protocol…

All the creators of those digital fashion arts are members of those communities and they are parts of my target to onboard them in Near Community because they know little or nothing about Near Protocol and it’s Ecosystem… So therefore showing and giving them proves and reasons while they should be Onboarded into our community is a Win win for Near Community at large… Just like me, I have been a web3 fashion designer for a long time with knowing Near Protocol, not until I was onboarded… Their thousands of creatives like me out there who are willing to switch to New Ecosystem if you show them more opportunities that the community have for them… Same as other thousands of digital fashion designers out there who are still operating in web2

In regards to video and clips of how is been made, Is been made with a digital fashion tools called Clo3d and DRESSX… Which are tools we will be teaching in our workshop to fashion designers out there who are still operating in web2 will be be attending the workshop… Because this tools/softwares are tools they need to enable them operate in Web3 as fashion designers and craft makers.

Hey, @Styleherbalist that’s not an answer to my question… I asked for the authors of shared artworks and proof of their skills. :slight_smile:

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Mocasso https://twitter.com/MoCasso_of_nfts?t=Oex3TnYTbbJnjjbkxTRq9g&s=09 is a digital fashion creator and the Founder of Raw Dao which I was an active member of is Daw before I was onboarded into Near Ecosystem…

Hadeeart https://twitter.com/hadeeart?t=fXD0CTTEBt2uBflSIRZe0w&s=09 is a virtual fashion designer based in Lagos state Nigeria and who we intend to hire as one of our trainer for the DigitalFashion workshop in our proposal if approved and as well onboard into Near Ecosystem… Which I have already had a conversation with her via her Twitter account.

You can visit the Twitter handle to see more proves…

As for this art…
Is a ramdom digital fashion art I got on the internet as a reference on what digital fashion arts is all about…

Greetings creatives moderators @creativesdao-council we will like to know what’s the decision of the moderators in regards to our proposal, our community is on pause because we are yet to get a feedback from the moderators… Thanks

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Dear NEAR Digital Fashion DAO,
After a long internal discussion between all moderators, the majority has voted to close your proposal.
As your project is at the sole beginning, we see the solid potential for combining your activities with NEAR Fashion DAO, which we strongly recommend at this current stage. Also, we noticed that you had used here artists’ artworks without their notice.

Wish you a great day, and looking forward to seeing your DAO2DAO collaboration.


Thank you @Paul for your feedback, we are new Dao and we are in the process of learning and experimenting… And our community is all about building and collaborate… But we have already stated our Dao Roadmap and collaborating with the Dao you recommend might slow down our activities and for the reason that the Dao is also a new Dao, they might find it difficult to accommodate our activities and making it difficult for us to achieve our Roadmap, because they might already had their Roadmap… So I appeal if we can change our Dao name and as well improve and amend of motives and Roadmap… This will enable us grow a great and creative community and as well approach to self sustainability…

As for the artworks, we are new Dao and we are yet to execute any project, we don’t have any content at the moment, which was why we planned to kick off our Dao activities with a Workshop, so the artworks are references we put up for a better understanding of what we intend to achieve… Tagging @blusw @Paul and the whole creatives moderators @creativesdao-council to see to our request/appeal

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