[Closed] Near Digital Fashion Podcast Series Funding Request For December2022 and January2023

Tagging @marketingdao-council and @MktngDAO_Advisors for visibility.

NB: we adjusted the timeframe to December 2022- January 2023 because November already finished and we didnt know if the proposal would still be considered for November. Thanks


Hello! Do you have experience in recording podcasts? Thank you!


Yes, I have worked with a podcast editorials where we talked about relationships and marriage for two years, even before I joined the ecosystem… So I and my team can direct that energy and experience I got in this Near Digital Fashion podcast series both in the marketing strategies to reach out to a wider streaming audience…


And at the moment, me and kachi Eze (Aka Dr Poe) are collaborate on a podcast series that discuss on Branding and entrepreneurship…


Hi @Styleherbalist
Thank you for your proposal.
The use-case for digital fashion is interesting but I’m struggling to understand how these initiatives will result in great adoption of Near and it’s underlying projects.

The price points you’re requesting are very high compared to similar projects in the past and given the size of your community, it’s difficult to reconsider that type of spending. Your request has more than tripled since September.

We haven’t approved studio rentals in the past and again the price points are extremely high.

Perhaps going after a grant would be an easier pathway. Unfortunatly, I cannot support at this time.


Digital Fashion is the next big thing due to it Eco friendly and a lot of Digital Fashion designers are out there putting a lot of effort and contribution to build in Web3 Ecosystem… All they needed is something that can motivate them and convince them that there is future for them in Near Ecosystem. Which is what this podcast series aim at, bringing near closer to then with content that will convince them and reassure them that there is future for them in Near Ecosystem.

The price points was high because we don’t want to create any gap in engaging with our current audience and potential audience, that was why made it a weekly podcast series… But never the less, if permitted we can readjust it to twice a month podcast series(that is 2 weeks per series)

If that’s the case, we can set up our podcast props and set in our homes, this is to tell you how dedicated we are in building and helping Near achieve it 1 billion users.


Being said that our price point is high, we have just readjust it to 2 weeks per series… Tagging @Dacha @Klint @cryptocredit @so608 for visibility. Thanks as we expect a positive response

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Hi @Styleherbalist i enjoyed reading your comments and agree that digital fashion is an interesting idea.
However i am unable to support your request at this time. In the current market conditions we have had to make some hard choices on which projects to allocate funding. Please feel free to resubmit in the future.

Initially I thought the issue with our proposal was that the price point we are requesting is high as @Klint pointed out and we have adjusted our budget by 50%…I see this initiative as the best approach to reach out to people in and outside the Ecosystem… Giving this project a chance will have a great positive impact on Near Ecosystem.


Great work you been doing so far. And this is well detailed. Best of luck :facepunch:t5:


Thanks for your proposal and patience,

Following the recent review period, Marketing DAO has a narrower scope for funding and total funding requests have greatly exceeded total budget allocated to us, which puts us in a tough spot when assessing applications.

I can not support this proposal at this time as it is too premature. While NEAR Fashion has been operating for a while, the podcast has not yet been produced so we don’t have any reference as to the quality the work, the size and reception by the audience, etc.

For reference, both Ready Layer One and Wild User Interviews Podcast created at least 10 episodes and validated de idea (branding, distribution, etc.) before applying for funding.

I encourage the team to find the Minimum Viable Product - cheapest way to produce some episodes as an experiment, and as you iterate and gain more traction, come back for more funding in the future.


Okay… Your reasons are understandable… Thank you :heart: