[Closed] NEAR DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - June 2023

CC: @marketingdao-council

Hi NEAR Community,

Last month, we started building the NEAR DACH community, which includes Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

We have created accounts on the most important platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn, and, since the goal is to also have activity on-chain and showcase NEAR’s capabilities, we created a NEAR Social account.

Even though the market conditions do not give much engagement and the first month is not over yet, we think we had a very good start. We welcomed the first community members, translated and wrote our own articles and we have also planned the first events.

Our report for the month of May will follow in a week’s time once we wrap up the month. However, this should not stop us from continuing to grow and plan for the month of June.

Guild Info



DAO address: near-dach.sputnik-dao.near


NEAR Wallet: dach.near

Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media

Funding scheme: 1 month (June 2023)

Core members:

  1. Kemal Gökdogan aka @Kemal
  2. Fritz Wagner aka @FritzWorm
  3. Daniel (Near Social following) aka @Danielzo

Contact Details

Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media

Telegram: @iamkemoo

Goals & Objectives


Since we just launched in May, our primary goal is to continue to grow on all channels. The best way to achieve this is with community events with other DACH communities or with contests.


Community & growth

  • Drive growth through AMAs with other DACH communities on relevant channels.
  • Interact with the NEAR community on relevant platforms to increase awareness and grow the community


  • Provide 24/7 support on all DACH channels.
  • Set up and maintain bots to ensure security in the community


  • Translate key articles into German
  • Create our own articles about NEAR technology or ecosystem in German
  • Publish content on all channels in a platform-specific style
  • Create content and banners that are aligned with NEAR’s brand design
  • Create content for AMAs. This includes questions, answers, forms, banners, and copy for announcements


  • Research potential partnerships
  • Communicate and maintain partnerships

Measurements of Success

We plan to measure success by the end of June using the following metrics.

  • Providing 24/7 support on all channels
  • Increasing the number of members in the Telegram channel organically to 30 active members
  • Increasing the followers on Twitter organically to ~30
  • Translate/create 1 article per week
  • Host two online events (AMA/Contest)


  • Growing the DACH community and providing daily support on all channels = 750 $USDT (250 $USDT x 1 month x 3 core)
  • Translate/write at least 1 article per week, bringing us to a total of 4 articles = 400 $USDT total.
  • 2 AMAs/Contest with another DACH community = 1,200 $USDT (600 $USDT x 2 AMAs)
  • Creation of content and banners that are adapted to the brand design of NEAR = $150 (25 $USDT x 6)
  • Management = 600 $USDT
    • Business Development, Research, Planning & Conducting Events, Ideating, Reporting

Total costs for May, and June 3,100 $USDT

Thanks for great proposal.

However, a few things to note.

  1. How did or will your community get to engage in products on near? You might not need great numbers for this.

  2. How do you intend to get your users to use near.social?

  3. How will you get web2 developers to use bOS?

Increasing social media numbers is great. However, we need to understand how the few members you have will cause onchain interactions.

Has funds for your last proposal been received? If yes, how many community members used your AstroDAO account to claim bounties?

Did you use near tip bot on telegram to send rewards to community members?

I hope you understand the reasons for these questions. The focus for RCs is to see communities use products built on NEAR.

Thanks, thanks


Hi Igboze, I appreciate your concerns and thank you for the opportunity to provide clarity here again!

I would like to emphasize here that we started the NEAR DACH community only 3 weeks ago and the German-speaking region is basically more reserved than other regions.

  1. our goal is to get community members into our DACH channels and from there to funnel to dApps like near.social, DeFi products, or NFT projects. We want to achieve this through events, which we will plan as soon as we have reached a critical mass in the community.

  2. As described in point one, we want to use events to get users to create an account on near.social and interact with NEAR.DACH. Also one of our goals is to publish exclusive content only on near.social about NEAR or the ecosystem. However, as already mentioned, we first need a critical mass for this.

  3. I personally don’t think this is a question that makes sense in our current phase (launched 3 weeks ago). I think the primary goal of a regional community should be to bring together the community from the respective country, organize events and educate the community. That doesn’t mean we don’t plan to attract developers as well, as our long term goal is to become a HUB. However, this is planned with offline events, which we are aiming for around August/September/October. More about this in my proposal here.


What bounties are you talking about?

As mentioned in this proposal, the first event is scheduled. This will take place on 29.05.2023, so no rewards are paid out yet. For the second event, I am still waiting for confirmation. We started in the middle of the month and the communities I contacted were not as spontaneous.

I hope this has answered your questions.

Thank you very much!

Can you share how community rewards was shared?

I meant, did you share rewards ro community members for participating in AMAs, Quiz, etc?

Also, do share report for previous month.


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I would like to see an update report on what has been sone thus far by your community before i can give any recommended approval

I think you asked the same question twice. Let me clarify that maybe again. The AMAs haven’t taken place yet because we didn’t start until mid-May and since then we’ve been looking for other DACH communities regarding cooperation. The first AMA was scheduled for yesterday but was postponed until tomorrow due to complications from the other party. With the second community, I’m writing for 2.5 weeks and hope that we can agree on an AMA in the next few days.

This means that NO rewards have been paid out to community members yet and they are in the DACH Treasury until the AMAs are completed and the winners are determined.

As mentioned in this proposal, we want to wrap up the month of May and then publish our report.

See here:

Thank you for your time!

Thank you for your proposals and your contributions to the ecosystem.


I cannot support this proposal until you submit a report on your previous funding, which you received above.

Thank you.

Hi @Bakaka, Thank you, we decided to publish the report before EOM, so please see our report for the month of May here: [Report] NEAR DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - May 2023

Hi @igboze, since there were more requests for this, we decided to publish the report for May before closing the month. Here you can find the report for May: [Report] NEAR DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - May 2023

I think that considering the deadline for new proposals until the 25th of each month, it should be considered that reports especially for new communities can not meet all their goals unless the month is closed.

Here I think we as a community should find a solution regarding the deadline and publication of new proposals as well as for reports so that there is no overlap.

Thank you for your report.

There are so many unanswered questions asked by Igboze, particularly those pertaining to AMAs and rewards for community members, some of which you address and others of which remain unclear.

When comparing this report to the goals and objectives of your May proposal, it appears that you did not meet those targets due to the above mentioned reasons of delays.

Your Near social accounts growth is really amazing and impressive, love to see more of it, that’s why we are always saying community leaders to find out what channel is best for their community members.

We will look into the proposal submission deadline issues that used to clashes with ongoing activities and prevent community leaders from submitting another request.

Community building especially from scratch is very very difficult and time consuming, that’s why we are advising on 3 months build-up before proposal for newly communities.

Again, it is not necessary or most for community to make a proposal or request funds each month if the amount you have already received in previous month is sufficient to see you through the next few weeks even after the month’s end, one don’t need to rush and spend the fund artificially just to submit another proposal.

You have done a great job last month for onboarding your community on Near social and kick start your activities, don’t rush to submit a incomplete reportt this will affect your subsequent fund requests, is better to delay and skip the month and work organically.

Still, am not going to support your this month proposal.

Good morning, @Bakaka!

I think you and @IgbozeIsrael are misreading our proposal for the month of May. You need to halve the KPIs in our May proposal (50%) because our KPI calculation was for May and June and we only received funding for May. For this reason, we can only fulfill 50% of the KPIs!

Can you point out those questions? Because from my side, I think I have already answered his questions.

As I said in my comments before the rewards have not yet been paid out because the AMA are yet to happen.

Why, because you misread our KPIs for May? We met all our KPIs except Telegram, where we reached 15 members instead of 25 because the AMAs haven’t happened yet. Other than that, there is no valid reason for your statement.

Thank you for your time!

I read and understand your KPIs, which is why I commend you on your excellent work.

I am not supporting you because you have some ongoing activities and funds in your account. I want you to concentrate and finish your remaining tasks organically, without rushing or using an artificial approach, just to apply for the June fund request.

Great work overall.

As I mentioned in your report, it is vital for us to see the financial report.

Given that you still have funds with you, I would advice we you use that.

Finally, it is BEST for your community that you start getting them through projects on NEAR. It will keep their minds on why the community exists overall.

For now, I will ask that you hold on for next month.

Thanks, thanks

Good morning. According to RG DAO WG decision
I am closing the proposal.