[CLOSED] NEAR Batik by Svara DAO

DAO Name: Svara DAO

Council members:

@Wiswiz - wizzow.near
@teezyindo - teezyindo.near
@derymars - derymars.near

Hi NEAR family,

Batik is a pictorial Indonesian cloth that is specially made by writing or applying Malam (special ink such as liquid wax) on the cloth, then the processing is processed in a certain way that has its own characteristics. as a whole technique, technology, as well as the development of motifs and related cultures, has been designated by UNESCO as a Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, since October 2, 2009. Since then, October 2 has been designated as National Batik Day.

Soeharto & Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Nelson Mandela & Soeharto



The word batik is Javanese in origin. It comes from the Javanese ambatik that consist of amba means “wide” or “large”, and tik or nitik means “dot” or “make a dot”. The word bathikan also means “drawing” or “writing” in Javanese, the “th-” sound is reduced to a “t-” sound more pronouncable to non-Javanese speakers.
Batik making technique

  1. Written Batik (Batik Tulis)
    Batik Tulis is made by writing wax liquid on the surface of the cloth with a tool called canting. Canting made of copper with a handle made of bamboo or wood. The making of hand-written batik takes approximately 1-3 months depending on the complexity and detail of batik.

  2. Stamped Batik (Batik Cap)
    Batik Cap is batik whose manufacturing process uses a stamp tool. This stamp tool is made of copper plates which form a batik motif on one of its surfaces. Stamp tool or canting cap is made by people who are experts in that field. Making batik with cap works the same way as using a stamp, but using waxes, not ink.

  3. Painted batik (Batik Lukis)
    Batik Lukis is a technique of making batik by painting (with or without a pattern) on a white cloth using a medium or a combined medium like canting, brush, banana stalk, broomsticks, cotton, toothpicks, patchwork, or other media depending on the expression of a painter. Batik painting is the result of the development of batik art. The essence of batik painting is the process of making batik that does not use traditional motifs that are commonly found. The resulting motifs are the creation of the maker, usually producing contemporary (free) motifs or patterns with brighter, more striking colors, and more diverse color variations.

We from Svara DAO will make Batik Cap, for the purposes of winning prizes for competitions, seminars and workshops related to Svara DAO and NEAR activities. And for partners with sponsors, this is part of the NEAR promotion.

And we are collaborating with Batik Mawar Putih, one of the best Batik companies from Indonesia which is expanding to Europe and US.

With us from Svara DAO wearing Batik with the NEAR logo, it will really support us to collaborate with local government agencies in Indonesia.

Instagram Batik Mawar Putih

This is the NEAR Batik design

We take a minimum of Batik printing, only 30 pieces

Shirt Amount
1 Piece Batik Cap $ 25
30 Pieces Batik Cap $ 750

We have negotiated this price and the actual price for 1 piece is $34

Notes :
we deliberately only put the NEAR logo, because if there are councils who want it we just have to send it and you pay the shipping fee to your country.

Batik Making Process

Total requested funds: $750
Target: wizzow.near → svara.sputnik-dao.near

Astro DAO

Thank you for your support!

Terimakasih, Svara DAO Councils
One Love



Do you want the ecosystem to sponsor the clothes you will wear yourself? How will Batik attract new users? Have you talked to the developers of the Near logo about the possibility of using this logo? As far as I know, the Near ecosystem has its own merch and online store. Can the clothes that you will be wearing play a role in collocations and attracting new users?
Thx :blush:


I will not wear Batik for myself. and I believe this Batik will be very interesting for new users and will attract the interest of officials in the Indonesian region and regional figures, local sponsors if we will meet with them, it will look more formal,
and this we can also use when there are cryptocurency conferences and music festivals as part of the NEAR Promotion, because batik has a high historical value. For the use of the Near logo, in my opinion, it will be the same as printing t-shirts and the same as other souvenirs. Batik will be very attractive to young and old generations in Indonesia. And this is the art of handicraft that is of the highest value in the world. And our main goal is only to introduce NEAR ecosystems throughout the Indonesian archipelago and south east asia.

do I need to go that far with the developer’s permission? if necessary where can I give the news? and can you help me to tag?

and this is an example of Justin Holiday NBA Player wearing Batik using the Indiana Pacers NBA team logo.

And this is from Batik Mawar Putih that will appear in cultural and fashion shows in the UK.

Thankyou for the response :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the batik concept. Its a cool one


the giant N for out ecosystem might be a bit much in my opinion, maybe making it smaller or incorporating it in the pattern. possibly even changing the color to match the design would be enough


I think Near should take into account the traditions and culture of the peoples. If Batik is a success in your region, then why not? Your idea to combine tradition and advertising does look harmonious. If the offer is approved, you will be automatically approved to use the Near logo on Batik. Will I be able to order a Batik with the Near logo?
Thx :blush:


yes of course bro, gladly you can order Batik with the NEAR logo, thanks


Thank You for building wonderful Indonesian community over the years.

Happy to support :blush:


Thanks for your attention, you’re not the only one who thinks so :hugs:
Currently we and our partner (Batik Mawar Putih) are also thinking about other design options.

At least the main idea can be delivered in this forum, and we will adjust for technical matters

Thank you also Dacha for always bringing meaningful input and evaluation to the NEAR community


Very cool! Neat style! Gotta find a big star :star: to start rocking this gear :heart:


Here are 2 Batik NEAR design options, which one of the 3 designs do you think is the best


The philosophy of this Batik:
Has a universal philosophy of perfection. Parang wings as majesty, hibiscus leaves as immunity to bad things (medicine), which is streamed by the sound of the harp as nuances of life in the universe. This batik symbolizes the strength that is built from various nuances.


The philosophy of this Batik:
Have a philosophy of Strength, beauty and good quality. This motif symbolizes the unmatched sturdiness like a teak tree and is full of benefits. In the era of the kingdom, every house built using teak wood will survive to this day. Even the older the more valuable. The older the more mature and the better quality.
Ornaments: teak leaves, teak wood, kawung majapahit.
Plot: from underground, grows into a small teak, grows again into beauty, grows again into strength, then protects the surroundings.

  1. BATIK PANCER LIMO (First Time Design)

The philosophy of this Batik:
This concept is about hegemony without shifting philosophy. The four elements of life namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air now have a space called Digital.

All batik designs was created by Yogi Rosdianta from Batik Mawar Putih

@Dacha @pathfinder


Awesome :blush: Have a great weekend!


Great job. I hope for the approval of your proposal soon. I want to see your Batik on Near users sooner.
Thx :blush:


Hi @Wiswiz

This seems like a really fun project but I don’t see the benefit for Near’s ecosystem. It’s a no from me.

Thanks for your proposal,

I appreciate you sharing some of your culture and history. However, I do note that just placing the NEAR logo on a piece of content or clothing does not make a project a NEAR Ecosystem project.

The Community Fund is an extremely valuable resource and in very high demand. We are on a mission to onboard 1 Billion users and I do not believe that clothing plays a meaningful role on that journey. At least, not a role that can be justified from ecosystem funds.

I do not support this proposal

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Hi @Wiswiz thanks for your proposal.

Love the designs!

Sounds like an interesting idea to develop a range of batik clothing incorporating the NEAR logo.

Considering the amount being requested and the innovative usecase that will support the local community where the clothing is produced, i am happy to support.

Please DM if you are interested to discuss how you can sell these products paid in NEAR


@Wiswiz this is a great and beautiful intiative, and a wonderful use-case for Near.

Nothing warms the hearts of people more than seeing you embrace their cultures. If the Indonesians love Batik, then it will definitely earn Near more active users, who will want to buy Batik with Near designs using Near tokens. And you can be sure you will never run out of customers, only you can run out of supply​:smile::smile:

I hope the project gets approval.

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Thank you for the support, I’ve DM you, let’s discuss :pray:t3:

Hi @Wiswiz – thanks for the proposal – I do agree that the designs are really cool, and I know members of your DAO have been active in the community.

That said, I have to agree with @klint and @satojandro that there’s not a clear enough alignment with the need for MarketingDAO funding for this project. We’re in a climate at the moment where funds allocated need to have the potential to create a significant number of new users on NEAR projects/platforms, active (not just opened and used one time) wallets and/or onboarded devs creating and building in the ecosystem. While I love the print and the heritage aspect here, I can’t support this proposal.

Since the majority of the council is not giving support, I am closing this proposal. I do encourage you and your team to stay active and come back to us in the future if you can propose an initiative that meets the above-mentioned KPIs.


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