[Closed] NEAR Arabic community (January and February)

We aspire to continue providing support to Arab users and educate them about the NEAR Protocol.
Our official channels:


  • Educational webinars.
  • Videos about NEAR and the projects built on it in Arabic.
  • Articles about NEAR and the projects built on it in Arabic.
  • AMA and Contests
  • Infographics about NEAR and the projects built on it in Arabic.
  • Social media activity

Growth (KPIs, goals, metrics)

-Educate the users about NEAR and the projects built on it.
-Reach more users during the next two months, we aim for 10%-20% increase with more interaction.
-Invite people to open a NEAR wallet to use it and we will contribute to translating it into Arabic.
-Get new designers, developers, investors to involve them in the NEAR ecosystem.

What we will do with past examples:

-Writing 3 articles per month 500 to 700 words (6 articles in total) about the NEAR protocol and the projects built on it, and publishing them as an PR here
This will help in promoting projects.
Cost: 390$ (65$ per article)

-Creating 2 videos per month (4 videos in total) to spread the latest news about the NEAR protocol and the projects built on it.
Cost: 400$ (100 per video)

-Making 1 webinar per month (2 in total) to explain/educate the users about he NEAR protocol and the projects built on it.
Cost: 500$ (250$ per webinar)

-Providing support on Telegram, Twitter and post the latest news in Arabic + creating 10 infographic per month (20 in total) and post them on telegram and twitter.
Cost: 800$ (400$ per month)

-Making 1 AMA and 1 Contest per month
350$ (100$ will be use to make a giveaway, 10$ per winner)

Sub total: 2440$ for two months.

Thank you.

Thank you for your proposal. Unfortunately, I can’t support it:

  • no activities on telegram group;
  • no activities on Twitter.

Hello, could you please define what you mean by activities? Is the distribution of news or the interaction of members or holding events?
We are asking for funding in order to help keep the community active and updated.
During the last period in which we did not ask for any funding, all inquiries were answered and important news was published, and we got a significant increase in the number of followers on Twitter and a slight increase on Telegram.
You can view our previous work which proves that we work hard to achieve our goals.

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Hi @MostafaLotfy thank you for your proposal.

To help evalute your proposal could you please share links to past funding and reports?


Hi @cryptocredit, sure!

Hi @MostafaLotfy – thanks for posting the reports. How much funding have you received to date from the MarketingDAO and other DAOs in the ecosystem (Creatives, etc.)? That would be helpful for us to understand as we review the project and where it currently stands after much funding has already been allocated.


Hi @so608 we only received 5700$ (2000$ was a prize for 200 winners) at the end of October 2022, you can see on the report that we achieved our goals, since this time we didn’t receive any funding.
Before October 2022 we took part on the Guilds system.
Please let me know if you have any more questions.

As you will be aware there have been considerable delays in processing this proposal, for which i would like to offer apologies.

The DAO council has reviewed your proposal and we have also asked NF to advise on the best way to support you in achieving your goals. As you might be aware, there was a pause in funding for all community DAOs last year and the Marketing DAO was relaunched with a much tighter remit.

Under current guidelines the Marketing DAO are focused on Content and Social Media funding. It is important to understand that regional communities play an important part in achieving NEAR ecosystem goals and we are working with the Foundation to find ways to support your needs.

Thank you for your understanding whilst we address these issues. In the meantime i have moved this proposal to Closed.

@MostafaLotfy please join the working group Regional Communities Working Group

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