[Closed] Mini-games Play Portal on NEAR/BOS

Mini-games Play Portal on NEAR/BOS
Milestone 1


This proposal is filed as part of the NF Grassroots initiative.

Launch popular mini-games (2048, Wordl, Bet), and community Play portal on NEAR/BOS in several Milestones, supporting with engagement community support, utilizing specific NEAR NFTs for gameplay, and aligning with the whole NDC strategy. The primary aim of the portal and games is to encourage organic on-chain and social community growth while developing apps on NEAR Protocol/BOS.

We aim to expand our inclusive, welcoming, and supportive community within the NEAR ecosystem by building our mini-games on NEAR.
Launching the play portal on BOS - is a further effort to contribute to the growth of the NEAR community and increase its on-chain activity.


  1. We propose to deploy our existing dapps (in Milestone1 - 2048, further - Wordle, Bet, and the Portal itself) on BOS, and to support with community engagement and technical updates, to continue promoting innovation within the community and creating new opportunities for users to interact with NEAR Protocol.
  2. To build new games on the portal with registration via i-am-human.app and utilizing IAH SBTs to play the game

2048 game on BOS

twenty48.app is a completely on-chain and extra challenging version of the popular 2048 game, built on the Aurora blockchain by Aurora Community.
Rules: players must combine cells within the game board, using cells in multiples of two or four. The aim of the game is to reach the 2048 cell. The game continues until a player reaches the 2048 cell or higher, or until all moves are exhausted.

Scope of work, Timeline, Costs

Milestone1. November.

  1. Tech development, integration, and support
    – Develop and deploy smart contracts on BOS that are compatible with NEAR (including NDC) NFTs and IAH SBTs
    – Integrate IamHuman onboarding process for user verification and access control
    – Develop and launch real-time multiplayer games with contract connection
    – Regular testing, updates, and improvements of UX
    – Domain & server rent
  2. Art creation/Design
  3. Project management and marketing
    – Oversee project planning, execution, and progress
    – Coordinate team members and ensure deadlines are met
    – Manage budget allocation and track project expenses
    – Reach out to existing NFT projects on NEAR and reach out to collaboration and partnership opportunities
    – Establish joint marketing and promotional activities to boost project visibility and adoption

The next Milestones include:

  1. Community engagement strategy - gamified marketing: 2048-battle - monthly
    The tournament aims to generate interest in NEAR and showcase its advantages to the players.

To participate in the tournament, players must possess SBT NFT - or any other token designed for acquiring gaming credits and reserving spots in the tournament. All acquired gaming credits will be used for purchasing and distributing prizes. To begin playing, players must register and fund their accounts with gaming credits.

The winner will be determined based on the tournament results. The player who reaches the 2048 tile ahead of other players will receive the grand prize. Prizes will also be distributed among players who reach 1024, 512, and 256 tiles.

  1. WORDLE game on BOS - 2 weeks
  2. Play Portal on BOS - 6-8 weeks
  3. Support with community engagement activities and dapps updates
  4. Next new mini-games on BOS

September total budget: 5500$
Target wallet: yoursoulis.near

Thank you for your proposal

Building BOS components that help and attract more users is what we are advocating every day. happy to see your team take a bold step on this.

Quick questions:

Could you please explain how you are related to Techdir / this proposal: https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-near-hunters-october/36496

am curious because that proposal mentions the same apps you mention and would imply that your team requests more than 10k in a single month with different accounts.

Aside from that, based on the metrics your aurora apps currently provide and the fact that your concept relies on further grants to keep rewards alive, this proposal doesn’t sound sustainable and is way too expensive.

Alternatively, you can try Horizon, their team can also help you with growth and sustainability strategies.


Hello @Iban

Have a great day!

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Hi @Iban thanks for your proposal. I am willing to support for the same reasons as @Dacha . Please ensure that you are fully aligned with the new KPIs going forward.

Thank you, this is really copy past project.
I’m also very interested in how this happened. When we had Blaze in the AMA voice in TG and he saw the 2048 game me playing background, he said that we definitely need this on BOS and here it is from the unknown acc on forum. Cool. NDC is so NDC